Fiber optic spectrometer in the application of micro spectral analysis

by:FOT     2020-07-01
In microscopic spectrum analysis, the application of micro fiber spectrometer spectral analysis is also called the micro area spectral analysis, is through optical microscope and other auxiliary optical equipment, collection of tiny area of the light signal is a method of sample spectra analysis. Ordinary spectral analysis is often referred to as ordinary optical fiber spectrometer through optical fiber will import the spectrum of light signal. But due to the optical fiber to collect radiates light, so ordinary fiber optic equipment spectrometer can only collect a bigger space optical signals. Test signal is not ideal. Later, people through the optical microscope with fiber optic spectrometer sample space resolution analysis made to improve the spatial resolution of the large sample. In order to get higher resolution on the one hand is to improve the resolution of the microscope, on the other hand is to improve the performance of fiber optic equipment spectrometer and the matching performance between the two. Material emission, absorption, scattering optical radiation, the frequency and intensity with the material content, composition, structure, determine the relationship, based on the spectral measurement and derived application is very extensive, therefore, research workers according to the application of the need to continuously improve the micro fiber spectrometer. The rapid development of electronic technology and computer technology, the spectrum instrument towards high precision, automation, intelligent direction. Many applications of spectral instrument is put forward higher requirements, namely the narrowing of the size of the spectrum instrument is more important than to improve the resolution. And although the traditional spectrometer, high precision, large volume, high price, installation difficulties, such as conditions of use harsh, miniature spectrometer has become the research hot spot. Since the 1990 s, due to the optical fiber has high transmission information capacity, can reflect the multi-dimensional information at the same time, these advantages relative to the acoustoelectric sensor is incomparable. Along with the growth in demand for optical fiber optical communication technology, has developed a low loss of quartz optical fiber, reducing the cost of the optical fiber and spectroscopy combining the micro structure of the fiber optic spectrometer has caused the attention of many people, and in the related fields of various spectral measurement and widely used, fiber optic spectrometer is the important direction of miniature spectrum instrument. There are many different kinds of fiber optic spectrometer on the market at present, choose a suitable fiber spectrometer is crucial. After enjoy the fiber spectrometer provided in the market has been in the field of micro spectral analysis has a good reputation. In general, if you have more than 50 times of objective, without doing aperture modified, can do 25 micron microscopic spectrum analysis of square area. And, of course, after enjoy can also provide you with more detailed microscopic spectrum analysis. If you with optical microscope, so zui simple microscopic spectrum analysis method is equipped with the special microscope - fiber optic spectrometer Fiber optic adapter to integrate the spectrometer and microscope at the same time cooperate with compound fiber spectrometer to develop custom software. Then, you can easily with a microscope and integrated fiber optic equipment spectrometer system signal analysis of the sample.
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