Fiber optic spectrometer can help us to monitor the specific parameters of the light source information

by:FOT     2020-07-01
Fiber optic spectrometer can help us to detect light the essence of which is a specific parameter information fiber optic spectrometer & other; Light & throughout; Instrument, and now there are several ways to achieve spectral features. As the main way is to use grating dispersion components, separate different wavelengths of light in space, using the array detector and the output spectrum. Another way is to use modulation interferometer incident light, with unit detector by modulation of the light, and the output light intensity curve changes over time, with Fourier transform spectrum, this is the spectrometer. It is a microprocessor technology is adopted laser radiation intensity measuring instrument; By the host and user according to the parameter matching of T thermopile laser measurement of detector, suitable for measuring the continuous laser power and laser pulse energy. Many is used in photometry, detected by the detection of light intensity, size, and radiation. Online measuring device can also improve the speed of detection, greatly convenient to the operator for testing. We can use the USB2. 0 technology, can be measured in hundreds of times per second, greatly convenient for online measurement. Products are synchronous function at the same time, let you follow one's inclinations time response sequence between the arrangement of the equipment, convenient for our testing. Product all components of the stress free assembly, has high reliability, can adapt to all kinds of industrial test environment. Rare are small portable equipment, convenient field measurement. Along with the development of the modern LED technology, we need to use fiber optic spectrometer to understand the usage of LED equipment. LED technology is applied more and more widely, we can see their application on many occasions. The technology makes our life become more beautiful, make our more see colorful nightlife. LED lights is to use the artificial lighting technology, can send out all sorts of color, very beautiful. Lights can appear in the process of using or damaged, we can use the fiber optic spectrometer to measure the size of the luminosity and the brightness of the light value, help us to choose the right size, luminosity LED luminous efficiency. The advantages of fiber optic equipment spectrometer is system of modularization and flexibility. Measurement speed is very fast, it can be used for on-line analysis. We can use it to easily detect the brightness of the LED light source, and the change of other parameters. We can also custom some parameters, and observe their changes over time. When we are in the use of fiber optic equipment spectrometer measuring leds can use two kinds of methods: photometric and radiometric measurements. Photometric confined to the visible light, and there is a direct link between the human eye, measurement is the human eye visible light waves. While radiation measurement has nothing to do with the human eye response, is the size of optical radiation measurement. Both methods can describe the radiation power and luminous intensity of LED. Fiber optic spectrometer can measure the irradiance monitor LED, radiometric, photometric amount more than ten parameters, such as, let's learn about the source of the specific parameter information.
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