Fiber optic sensor for light source requirements

by:FOT     2020-06-29

fiber sensor, thin and long, if can make waves in the normal transport, and satisfies the requirement of measurement, is necessary requirement for light source, structure and performance of the light source and also put forward certain requirements. Now, small make up to introduce what are some of the light source fiber optic sensor requirements.

the first is due to the limitation of sensor structure, require light source of small volume, facilitate and fiber coupling, the light source to have enough brightness, in order to improve the sensor output optical power. Light source the light wavelength should fit, in order to reduce the energy loss when light waves in transmission. Second light work need good stability, low noise, can continuous work for a long time at room temperature, the light source to facilitate maintenance, easy to use.

use fiber optic sensor has a variety of light source, according to the coherence of light can be divided into two categories, coherent light and incoherent light. Incoherent light source including Bai Zhi light source and light emitting diode, coherent light source, including all kinds of laser, helium neon gas laser, solid laser, etc. Want to use coherent light source in most of the fiber optic sensor.

light detector is also constitutes an important part of fiber optic sensor. Its performance will directly affect the performance of the sensor. Therefore, understanding of it is also very important. Optical fiber sensor with the light detector is commonly photoelectric sensor. Its function is to convert light energy into electricity.

so is also called photoelectric devices. General sensor light detector requirements are as follows: good linear, in proportion to the light signal is converted to electrical signals. High sensitivity, sensitive to tiny input optical signal, and output a large electrical signals. Faster response frequency band width, response, good dynamic characteristics. Stable performance, low noise, etc.

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