Fiber optic ring uv curing box structure

by:FOT     2020-06-29

fiber ring UV curing box is a professional for the UV curing coating above fiber ring box, fiber optic equipment ring UV curing box structure by enclosure, tubes, rotary motor, chimney, UV lamp and infinitely adjustable light power supply. Its principle is by ultraviolet radiation curing glue on the surface of the short time of solidification, its advantage is fast solidification and surface gloss. UV lamp electrodeless adjustable light power supply, for a variety of UV technology reform of large printing equipment, is a can completely replace the same type of foreign products of high-performance UV power equipment.

fiber ring uv curing box enclosure structure design, box body is made of the numerical control machine tool processing forming, easy to operate, heat preservation system adopt super fine glass fiber filling heat preservation area, internal and external bile connection parts using non-metallic high-temperature materials, effectively reduce the temperature conduction; The door sealing adopts refined silicon rubber, which under the condition of high temperature there is no aging and hardening of the phenomenon, more reliable sealing, supply air circulation system with low noise, long life, KongDiaoXing special fan, wind turbines for vane centrifugal wind leaf.

fiber ring uv curing box tubes, all domestic material tubes quality assurance for 800 hours, the import material tubes quality assurance for 1000 hours, the import material tube light stability and curing effect are better than domestic material, power and length can be customized, standard size and model are as follows:

fiber ring uv curing box motor with adjustable speed motor, shaft driven in fiber optic equipment ring, ensure each point by light evenly, reach purpose of curing.

fiber ring UV curing box UV lamp shade can make full use of the intensity of the UV lamp to cure objects surface, reflector, the reflective effect of a direct impact on the quality of the product, all internal equipped with imported aluminum reflector mirror reflectors, generally choose the German imports of magnesium aluminum alloy production, which can effectively reflect ultraviolet, part of the infrared absorption, improve the utilization rate of ultraviolet light and enhance the intensity of ultraviolet light, than ordinary reflectors 30 - reflective effect to improve 40%, the UV lamp can be more than 90% of UV light reflection to the product surface, improve the work efficiency.

UV infinite power by ark, transformers, stepless adjustable module components, such as the user after installation of the equipment external UV lamp, can form a complete set of UV source system. Suitable for automatic screen printing equipment, offset printing equipment, spraying equipment modification and add UV curing technology. Description: this transformer is not string of capacitance, 10% from the transformer 100% stepless dimmer.

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