Fiber optic liquid level transmitter is introduced and the basic working principle

by:FOT     2020-06-22

fiber optic liquid level transmitter using mechanics from the principle of the balance of water or interface detection. Transmitter by measuring unit f including float, measuring wire rope, a heavy hammer, driving wheel, ferry, etc. ) , optical transmitter, fiber optic equipment cable and other parts. When liquid level change measured medium, float displacement with the liquid level fluctuation, through measuring wire rope, driving wheel, transition to the linear displacement to angular displacement, and then through the magnetic coupling, the light code transmitter optical encoder in synchronous rotation, the output optical pulse in both groups, the optical cable transmission to the data processor or secondary instrument.

data processor will the two groups with a liquid level change information of light pulse signal into electrical signal, after amplification plastic, and sentenced to count, then to a standard 232 or 422 serial data output to the computer, showing the storage tank liquid level value; By the optical transmission over optical pulse signal can also be after secondary instrument for processing, with 4 - 20 ma output in the form of, and the liquid level directly, and realize the upper and lower alarm function. 电池, G series fiber optic liquid level transmitter installed in the terminal for the dangerous sites, secondary instrument or smart data processor and computer monitoring system installed in the security situation of operation room. Fiber optic liquid level transmitter and the data processor or through cable connection between secondary instrument, completely tank farm without power detection, intrinsically safe explosion-proof. 电池, G series fiber optic liquid level transmitter is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, food, etc. ( Jiangsu long instrument co. , LTD. )

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