Fiber optic cable survey instrument is what?

by:FOT     2020-11-19
Survey meter, fiber optic cable is a kind of using the acoustic principle at present in the world to find accurate identification of deep buried pipeline ( Well) , tunnel and pole aerial environment target optical cable equipment. Now in South Korea, Japan, the United States, the European Union, the main parts of the world such as China patented. Cable survey instrument is specially tailored for telecom engineer or technical personnel for accurate identification of precise instrument cable. This equipment is suitable for the people well, tunnel, pipeline environment, such as fiber orientation, with a friendly interface, simple and practical, non-toxic harmless, does not damage the cable, etc. Product use cable lookup is line engineering construction, installation and maintenance of the preparation of the key part, so cable survey instrument is widely applied in the cut over, splicing, resource inventory, and other areas of the application. Using survey meter, fiber optic cable operators only need to gently tap on a fiber optic cable, the target can be easily found, instrument built-in system can transform on information for video and audio signals, in other words, we can hear or see the target cable. Cable survey instrument completely replace the previous methods of cutting, bending, frozen, is new don't damage the patent technology of fiber optic cable, its powerful application functions, greatly reduced the time and the optical transmission network project management cost, greatly improve work efficiency. Product features & middot; International audio - Field applied strong fiber patent technology, based on the large telecom users of the practical need of remote listener cable mechanical disturbance in noise environment through audio or video cable to optimize the dynamic range, suitable for different length of the line test
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