Fiber optic cable nomenclature

by:FOT     2020-06-21

the provisions of this standard in the field of optical communication and , cable related terms. 1 fiber called fiber optics is the study of light in the transmission theory and application technology of a discipline. 2 the photoconductor 0 ptical Conductor photoconductor is a light with low loss material. Three ( Fiber optic) Optical fiber is a kind of transmission light dielectric waveguide. 4 fiber core fiber core generally consists of fiber core and cladding. Fiber core part is the center of the , its refractive index generally higher than that of cladding. 5 fiber cladding fiber cladding cladding is the outer part of the mechanical protection. 6 step-index Step index fiber refractive index generally lower than the fiber core, to provide a reflective surface and/or light isolation, at the same time can also be a step-index core refractive index keep constant, while in the refractive index of fiber core and cladding interface mutations. 7 graded-index fiber graded index fiber graded-index fiber gradually outward from the core of the fiber core refractive index change is low. To improve the bandwidth. 8 single-mode fiber monomode fiber refractive index of the change is to balance various patterns of group velocity, single-mode fiber is under the specified wavelength propagation can be but one model of . 9 multimode fiber multimode fiber multimode fiber is spread to multiple mode . The number of patterns can be a lot. 10 a coating layer ( Precoating) 主涂层( procoated) A coating layer is fiber pull out immediately after * a protective coating on the cladding, is mainly used to keep the mechanical properties of the fiber.

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