Fiber identification device SJ23 - JW3306A

by:FOT     2020-06-28

fiber identification device models: SJ23 - JW3306A library number: M338753 fiber identification device SJ23 - JW3306A more information & gt;>> JW3306A fiber identification device is a little damage to the fiber, don't interrupt communications quickly and accurately identify fiber line, pointed out that whether there is light signals in the optical fiber and optical signal and displays a relatively light power value, and it can also identify the 270 hz, 1 KHZ, 2 KHZ modulation signal, the optical fiber chuck with mechanical damping design, to ensure that without causing damage to optical fiber is optical fiber line daily maintenance, repair, and to bring business to cut over one of the necessary tools, with sound and light alarm function, and key lock function at the same time, make use of more convenient, more comfortable to operate. Product features relative light power portable design, digital display of the fiber optic equipment without interruption fiber can discern the direction of the light and frequency of use and other A key & throughout; Operation mode, make the operation is simple, convenient for bare fiber and a variety of tail fiber provide the corresponding adapter head can identify three kinds of commonly used signal frequency, namely 2 KHZ, 1 KHZ, 270 hz technical indicators JW3306A instrument type recognition range 800-1700 - nm wavelength the CW signal types, 270 hz & plusmn; 5%,1 khz± 5%,2 khz± 5% detection head type & Oslash; 1 mm InGaAs 2 PCS adapter type ( mm) Ø 0. 25 for bare fiber & Oslash; 0. 9/2. 0/3. 0 for tail fiber signal direction about the LED indicator light power relatively value digital display light signal frequency 270 hz, 1 KHZ, 2 KHZ operating temperature of the LED indicator light display ( ° C) - 10 ~ + 60 storage temperature ( ° C) - - - - - - (25 ~ + 70 9 v battery dimension mm) 195 x30x27 weight ( g) 235年

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