FD series fiber drawing furnace

by:FOT     2020-07-09
FD series fiber drawing furnace

origin: the United States foxy


the fiber drawing furnace model is divided into FD - 30日,FD - 60 & FD - 80, zui small degree of reducing particles generated, forming fiber zui large extent.

the furnace under inert gas atmosphere zui big operating temperature is 2300 ℃, can be used in low temperature nitrogen. Flow meter/controller as optional parts, can be used for the management of argon/helium hybrid system



generated particles less

element long life


energy saving, water saving

element, the

5 - size 80 mm,

incremental 5 mm to install the stove:

the cabin for the double wall, 304 l stainless steel. Water circulation between the two layers of wall, to ensure that the outer wall temperature is not lower than 120 & deg; F。 Heating element power by one nickel plating in the booth, waterproof power supply wire. All the other flange of 304 stainless steel or nickel plated copper, aluminum flange is used only for anhydrous through interfaces to use.

heating area:

special tube will protect graphite heating area to prevent the Si react with O2 to form corrosion, the pipe installation is simple and low cost, and can prolong the life of heating element, the heating zone will provide the ideal size of the parts, 5 mm - 8 mm, incremental 5 mm


the power of three-phase 200 v - 480 v, 50 hz or 60 hz, the DC power supply is equipped with a step-down transformer by water-cooling power transmission to the heating element, AC power supply also offer the same configuration

temperature control:

by two closed loop system to provide the temperature control and temperature limiter, the closed loop provides optical pyrometer and power sensor

gas management system:

standard system including manual meter to control and eliminate gas input, flowmeter or controller as optional parts, the system in the gas into the heating and combustion zone was later before pollution control gas, can ensure that will not in the control of discharge pollution gases out of the stove. Furnace operation in a clean environment is very important, of course also include vacuum pump to clean up the furnace gas, the vacuum pump is also used to keep the pollution gas flows through the console directly discharge outdoors or enter indoor ventilation system.

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