Extremely large telescope plan & ndash; — Large telescope in Chile to construction

by:FOT     2020-07-11
Extremely large telescope plan - — Large Magellan telescope will

extremely large telescope in Chile construction plan - — Construction of large telescope in Chile to

recently, the large telescope start ceremony was held in Chile. Many scientists and officials gathered in a mountain peaks of the andes in Chile, to witness this historic moment. According to the report, 'large telescope' belonging to 'extremely large telescope project' ( 非常大的望远镜,英语教学) , ELT project under construction and under the telescope of 'Europe', 'the thirty meter telescope.

rendering after completion of the 'big Magellan telescope'

it is understood that 'large telescope will be built in 2021 and started to use, will become the world's largest telescopes. Experts point out that the telescope observed image, will be 10 times than it is now using the Hubble space telescope clear.

the telescope will be mainly used for the observation and help solve the problem of cosmology and astrophysics, and help astronomers to the researches on the planets outside the solar system.

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