Experimental apparatus of fiber Bragg grating sensor sensing experiment instrument instrument product introduction

by:FOT     2020-06-18

sensing experimental apparatus of fiber Bragg grating sensing model experimental apparatus of the experimental apparatus: TC - 置- - - - - - 1 including experimental apparatus of fiber Bragg grating sensing fiber Bragg grating testing unit and fiber Bragg grating sensing unit, and is equipped with special test software, computer RS232 interface. Manual wavelength scanning, manual or computer drawing fiber optic equipment sensing waveform, the peak wavelength measurement, and then measure the two fundamental sensing fiber Bragg grating parameters - Temperature and strain. In this experiment instrument, Er doped fiber ASE with light source and amplifier can be used independently. Main features: the United States imported Er doped fiber ASE broadband light source wavelength range: 1525 - 1565nm( C band) Broadband light source and amplifier can be used independently. Performance indicators: wavelength scanning mode: manual record mode: manual and automatic strain sensor resolution: & lt; 10μ ε Scope: 0 ~ 5000 & mu; ε Temperature sensor resolution: & lt; 1 ℃, range: at room temperature to 70 ℃ complete sex: fiber Bragg grating testing unit, fiber optic equipment grating sensing unit

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