Experimental apparatus of audio signal optical fiber transmission

by:FOT     2020-06-29

fiber is a kind of direct light waveguide, is a new kind of transmission medium. Optical fiber communication is based on light wave as the carrier, based on transmission medium of a way of communication. People using as transmission medium of optical research work, after a long hard road, until 1966, when a british-chinese Dr High roller published a paper of a historic, theoretically expounds the possibility of a low loss transmission information, the development of the to abnormal rapidly underway. In the first year since 1970, has been hailed as a fiber optic communications system is with the development of communication technology and development to the practical stage.

with the development of communication and sensing technology, to promote the application of in many areas, at the same time, technology's own research has gained rapid development. With as the information transmission medium of communication technology is an important symbol of the new technological revolution, all kinds of information network is the future information society, the main transmission tool.

by audio signal transmission experiments, to help students understand how light is modulated, transmission and demodulation, make us have a preliminary understanding of communication. And understand the audio signal through the experiment the structure of transmission system, familiar with the basic properties of the semiconductor lightning/photoelectric device and test method of the main features, understand the audio signal transmission system debugging skills.

application of the instrument can complete the following contents:

1. Component electro-optic characteristics of LED measurement

2. Silicon photoelectric diode ( SPD) Features and the responsivity and

3. LED bias current relation with no cut-off distortion zui large amplitude modulation measurement

4. Light signal transmitter modulation amplitude frequency characteristics of amplifying circuit measurement

5. Light signal receiving experimental

6. Audio signal generator regulating range, 50 hz The LED drive current & le; 100 ma

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