ETXZ - FB series fiber optic on-line infrared thermometer

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ETXZ - FB series fiber optic on-line infrared thermometer

ETXZ - FB series fiber optic ETXZ - on-line infrared thermometer FB series fiber optic on-line infrared thermometer is tai electric co. , LTD. Shanghai industry selection of products for you, welcome you the detailed information of the product! ETXZ - FB series types of on-line infrared thermometer has a lot of, different applications have subtle differences, the company to provide you with the solution. fiber optic equipment itself with strong electromagnetic interference resistance, corrosion resistance, long transmission distance, stable work, etc, can be in conditions and harsh environment and under the environment of strong electromagnetic interference temperature detection. Use its have certain flexibility performance, online infrared thermometer can goal - to cannot be directly observed - - - - - - Inner place - such as containers or pipes - - - - - - Temperature measurement, and can be as high as in the case of not using cooling device tolerance & 200 deg; C high temperature environment. Mainly used in smelting, powder metallurgy, casting, rolling, electric power, chemical industry, glass, pottery and porcelain production, heat treatment, high frequency induction heating, welding, silicates, refractory material, carbon products, etc. Product details:

model ETXZ - FB1 ETXZ- FB2 temperature range: 800 ℃ 1700℃ 1000℃- 2500 ℃ accuracy: 1% resolution: 1 ℃ response time: & lt; 100 ms distance coefficient: analog output: all the sons of 4 ~ 20 ma ( Load: 250 & Omega; ) Digital interface, RS485 work power 12 VDC / 300 ma fiber length: standard 1. 5 m working environment conditions: temperature: probe & le; 120 ℃, the signal processing unit 0 ℃ to 50 ℃. Relative humidity: 10% ~ 85%; The atmospheric pressure: 86 kpa to 106 kpa.

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