Engaged in the characteristics of optical fiber welding machine have?

by:FOT     2020-06-21
Engaged in joint of the welding machine is to put the fiber coil connected to the level of each fiber, either joint types, the preparation process of the fiber includes peeling a buffer layer, clean the glass, cut the fiber to the required length. When cut fiber, must guarantee the right end face, in order to close on the end of the fiber. You can also use the joint the two cables together, it usually connect outdoor cable and indoor cable, joint machine will be used this way. Engaged in welding machine including a alignment device, an electric generator, and a small oven. Optical fiber alignment equipment guarantee prepared in the corresponding position of each axis. Then the arc ignition on prior programming time and power, to realize the seamless connection. If the connection is easy broken, then you can install a heat shrinkable casing with stainless steel stiffener. Use engaged in welding machine need to disconnect the buffer layer, clean the bare fiber, ready to , then mix epoxy resin, and transmitted to the syringe, and injecting epoxy resin into the connector ring, until the epoxy resin appears on the face, zui after inserted the ring, and then put the ring on the casing, after waiting for about 5 minutes, in the oven. After drying cooling, casing, cut off the end of the . Then grinding, cleaning and inspection. End method in most places of this kind of connector is similar to the traditional drying oven curing epoxy resin, it pre-installed with premixed epoxy resin, and also able to melt, to remove and replace the broken fiber.
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