Electronic truck scale sensor distributed optical fiber temperature sensor network

by:FOT     2020-06-19

electronic truck scale sensor distributed optical fiber temperature sensor network

used in industrial processes to detect network of distributed fiber optic equipment temperature sensor is a kind of real-time, on-line, multipoint fiber optic equipment temperature measurement system, is a new kind of detection method and technology. Of optical fiber as transmission media and sensing system media, using the optical fiber back Raman scattering intensity, the wavelength division multiplexer and photoelectric detector to collect the temperature signals back Raman scattering photoelectric signal, signal processing, and then after demodulation temperature information extracted from the noise and real-time display, it is typical of the laser fiber optic equipment temperature communication network. On a 2 km long fiber can collect 1000 temperature information and spatial positioning, it has been used in coal mine, the automatic fire alarm system, the temperature of the tunnel can also be used for oil depot, dangerous goods warehouse temperature alarm and measurements of temperature distribution in large equipment. Distributed optical fiber sensing optical fiber temperature sensor network is not charged, radio frequency (rf) and electromagnetic interference resistance, fire, explosion, corrosion resistant, resistant to high voltage and strong magnetic field, ionizing radiation resistant, can run in a hazardous environment safety, system self-calibration and self-calibration allowed and the detection function.

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