Edge of the test

by:FOT     2020-07-18
Edge of the test you may have heard about all the hot topic at the edge of the data center. Please rest assured, — This does not mean that you need to hang in a fiber link test on the edge of the cliff. Although you may be the new space for testing, but the edge data center doesn't really change the content you have in the test. So, what is the edge data center? We deeply know the next. A large number of unmanned 01 as is known to all, Internet is developing fast, mobile communications is an important part of them - — Cisco visual networking index, the report said the smartphone flow more will flow more than PCS. Other technology's development and progress, such as industrial iot, machine to machine communication, online games, streaming video and automatic driving a car, all depends on quick response time and real-time data processing. And there are 5 g launch - — Fifth generation mobile network increased a lot in the frequency spectrum, could provide up to 10 Gb/s theory of throughput, enough to support all of the above mobile technology development and growth. Impact of these technologies is one of the more factors of network delay, the transmission and the time needed for processing data, depending on the number of switches and distance data must be transferred over the network. Self-driving cars, for example, through the current 4 g cellular networks may need to send and receive data about 80 milliseconds, but to fully respond to emergency traffic, need less than 5 millisecond delay. For all online game players, including you, let you feel the collapse of the lag and game midway failure is likely to be caused by delay. In essence, the edge is the purpose of the data center by making the closer to the need of real-time communication, data processing and capacity at the edge of the users and devices, not all data must be sent back to the central or cloud data center for processing, thus improve the bandwidth and reduce delay. Think of netflix ( Netflix) — — Global greater streaming video services company, currently has 1. 400 million users, accounting for more than 15% of the total flow downstream of the Internet. By placing popular content on the edge of the central office data center, rather than of the large cloud data center in hundreds of miles away, they can more reliably provide content to a particular area. Edge data center is located in where? 02 compared with large cloud/colo data center, edge data is much smaller, only a few frame unit can be located in the corner of the space of small independent micro data centers, may also be responsible for a particular facility's local data processing of a single cabinet, or 5 g towers container within the data center of several cabinets, or metropolis center station as many as 40 or 50 boxes. For edge data center, to keep in mind is that they are still the data center. This means that they have the same power supply, with the typical data center cooling, cabling and connectivity - — Is much smaller. They also have a data center based on standard functional areas, such as TIA - 942 - As described in A connection between, the main distribution area, wiring and equipment layout area in the middle. Therefore, edge may contain data center and service provider networks, core, middle switch and server connection - — All of these are located in a cabinet inside. And because all things are integrated into a smaller space, the edge data center usually require a higher density of each cabinet, including the number of connections and power requirements, Each rack 12 to 15 kw may be standard) 。 Is still testing data center 03 since edge data center is still a data center, means that the corresponding test is the same. Within the edge data center, you may encounter connected to the service provider equipment of single-mode fiber, multimode MPO connections between the switches, and copper is used to switch to the server connection or SFP + or SFP28 coaxial dual core with a straight serial cable ( DAC) 。 But, because of the large density of edge data center and is likely to be a single cabinet or container data center, so you may not have the test used in the large data center space. Thankfully, already have some cool features that can help you in the narrow space for testing - — Whether it is suitable for use in a narrow space integration PortBright ™ FI - a flashlight 500 FiberInspector Micro, can easy to find in a dark crowded environment and check the fiber ports, or Mag Kit magnetic band, convenient you will tester is fixed to the surface of metal, or is it Versiv cable certification system, modular design support copper certification as well as the level 1 and level 2 multimode and single-mode fiber testing and inspection, thus reducing the need to carry to the edge of the test number of tester is data center. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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