E3X- NA11 omron omron fiber amplifier

by:FOT     2020-06-18

E3X - NA11 simple price optimal fiber amplifier is characterized by using simple single bond single function design. OMRON amplifier low reflection detection body and large detection body also with the industry zui other landslide stability testing E3X - power NA11( Equipped with GIGARAY) ** E3X- NA - except V series.

omron fiber amplifier ( Light emitting wavelength) Red light-emitting diode (4 elements 625nm) ; Judged by the fiber optic equipment voltage DC12 ~ 24 v & plusmn; 10% fluctuations ( p - p) Below 10%, power/current consumption (under 960 mw Current consumption below 40 ma) ; E3X- NA11 omron control amplifier output open collector output type ( NPN and PNP) 26, omron omron fiber load supply voltage. The following 4 v, load current below 50 ma ( The residual voltage: below 1 v) The light ON/avoid light ON the switch type.

E3X - omron amplifier 8 (turning rotary knob NA11 sensitivity adjustment With indicator) And protection circuit of the power supply reverse connect protection, output short circuit protection, E3X - NA11 no timer, carries OFF delay timer timer function, Japan omron switch type amplifier ( The timer time: fixed to 40 ms)

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