DTX - 1800 test Two of twisted Pair Two Pair Ethernet

by:FOT     2020-11-17
Use DTX - 1800 how tester can test 2 of twisted pair, is most of us don't understand the technology use DTX - 1800 tester to test 2 steps to the operation of the twisted pair is as follows: 1, put the knobs, hit the 'SETUP', showing the 'twisted-pair', click 'ENTER' button; 2, the first 'test limit', and select the option 'more test limit' this point, then choose 'custom', then choose 'create', 'name', click enter, according to his habit of life test standard name, such as 'faxytech', press 'SAVE' to SAVE, exit one; 3, back to the custom bar, and then move the cursor to the 'use default value from', and click ENTER, click on the 'TIA standards,' selected 'TIACAT3CHanne' press ENTER, then press save. 4, and then press the second EXIT key to below the twisted pair, the first to 'test limit', move the cursor to the 'configuration' socket, press ENTER, into has many standard, USOCSINGLEPAIR; USCOTWOPAIR; ATM / TP - PMDSTRAITHT; ATM / TP - PMDCROSSED; TOKENRING。 。 。 。 。 , you do not know to choose which standard, you can according to customer requirements, the order choose corresponding standards; According to the formula one, can see the different standards, the design of different style of play.
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