DT141B diamond series fiber optic sensor

by:FOT     2020-07-04

DT141B diamond series fiber optic sensor DT141B infrared thermometer, infrared thermometer are DT142B DT143B DT141B diamond series fiber optic sensor - infrared thermometer Technical index 1, temperature measuring range: 400 ℃ ~ 3000 ℃ ( Section) 2, precision: 0. 5 ( ± 0. 5% of full scale) 3, resolution: 0. 5 ℃, response time: 4 & lt; 10 ms5, distance coefficient: GXW: 40:1, zui small measuring diameter: F6mm ( Target at 250 mm) DT: : 75:1, zui small measuring diameter: F2mm ( Target at 150 mm) 6, output: 0 ~ 5 VDC; 4 mA ~ 20 ma7, working power supply: DT: & plusmn; 12 vdc ( Four wire) ; 24VDC( Three wire system) 8, target distance: DT: 0. 5m- - - - - - - M9, optical fiber length: 2 standard 1. 5米; Non-standard 1 ~ 10 m, users customize work environment conditions of 10, thermometer, temperature: fiber optic equipment probe & le; 80 ℃, the signal processing unit 0 ℃ to 50 ℃. Relative humidity: 10% ~ 85%; The atmospheric pressure: 86 kpa to 106 kpa. Figure 11, appearance size: see appearance size, 12, accessories available: display apparatus, water-cooled, air-cooled, such as mechanical universal joint and so on, users customize 13, negative: ( Current output) ;> 10 kΩ ( Voltage output) 14, heavy quantity: 0. 8Kg( DT) First, understand the application: DT141B diamond series fiber optic sensors are widely used in metallurgy, powder metallurgy, casting, rolling, electric power, chemical, glass, pottery and porcelain production, heat treatment, high frequency induction heating, welding and other industries. The driving of the upgrading of industrial development in our country, the safety of the power equipment used more and more be taken seriously. Infrared thermometer as a protective and monitoring tools, will be in the future industrial application plays a more important significance. Therefore we introduce the foreign advanced technology of infrared thermometer, using imported compatible with high performance amplifier chip and temperature processing module, is adapt to the needs of users at the same time, improve the product quality and performance. Make it in a different environment can steadily work, to measure the temperature and the work, whether it is for security reasons or market benefit consideration, infrared thermometer will tend to be more reliable, at the request of the low carbon environmental protection, miniaturization is an important trend for the future, it will also promote we put in more effort to develop new technologies and products. In the near future, infrared thermometer will be more widely used in the industry, at the same time will provide a basis for new industrial. Second, the analysis of the characteristics: 1, convenient! Infrared thermometer can provide rapid temperature measurement, a leakage points in reading with thermocouples, with the temperature of the infrared thermometer can read almost all join points. In addition due to solid infrared thermometer. Lightweight, and easy in the holster when not in use. So when you patrol and daily inspection work in the factory are portable. 2,! Another advanced infrared thermometer, usually accuracy is within 1 degree. This performance is particularly important when you do preventive maintenance, such as monitoring will result in equipment damage or stop the production conditions and special events. Because most of the equipment and plant operating 365 days, downtime equates to reduce revenue, to prevent loss of such electronic equipment - by scanning all scene Circuit breakers. Transformer. The fuse. The switch. Bus and the switchboard to find hot spots. Using infrared thermometer, you can quickly detect even small changes in the operating temperature, in its germination when the problem can be solved, reduce equipment failure caused by spending and the scope of maintenance. 3, safety! Safety is the use of infrared thermometer * * * important benefits. Unlike contact thermometer, infrared thermometer can safely read temperature inaccessible or unreachable goals, you can be read within the scope of the instrument allows the target temperature. Non-contact temperature measurement is also available in unsafe or contact temperature measurement is difficult areas, like steam valves or near the furnace, when they do not need to contact temperature measurement at the risk of one not careful will burn your fingers. Above the top of the head for 25 feet/inlet temperature as easily as in hand measurement.

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