DSX - With DTX - 5000 Comparing the difference between form (1800 The difference)

by:FOT     2020-11-09
DSX - With DTX - 5000 Comparing the difference between form (1800 The difference) Tester, shenzhen even for network sales center in China, to provide you with DSX - new products 5000 with classic DTX - The difference between 1800. Choose DSX - 5000 provides efficient and faster. The characteristics of DSX - 5000DTX- 1800 set faster ProjX smartphone user interface management system) soft key data input full keyboard arrow/enter key from LinkWareLive faster download test set) test time for 10 seconds Cat6A/ClassEA 22 seconds, the next generation of copper fiber loss test time diagnosis) optical time domain reflectometer test 3 seconds to 12 seconds, Every Duan Bochang) 2 seconds for 15 seconds the information screen shows four core loss test module) automatically ADAPTS to the bidirectional fiber optic equipment loss) real loss test) test (bidirectional optical time domain reflectometer SmartLoop *) √EventMap吗? Fiber optic accord with IEC61300 - diagnosis) 3 - 35 automatic optical inspection 1 second battery runs out 15 minutes waiting time is no wait time reduce errors using LinkWareLive LinkWareLive coordination on the smart devices to track project status) shielding TRC automatic authentication and integrity testing) warning) animation results stored) fiber optic fault setting reference guide) negative DSX - loss results) 5000DTX- 1800 report faster LinkWare internal storage space (software)) Cat6A and drawing data) 12000 results of 250 USB storage options: 64 gbmaxsd/MMC: top 2 gblinkwarelive: anytime using LinkWareLive upload/focus on the future fiber optic equipment inspection report summary results)) copper calibration process sent only to the module sent to main frame fiber calibration report sent to the module to send only to the module only horizontal integration of external crosstalk) conversion loss two-way square root resistance unbalance measurement) conforms to ANSI/TIA - jump line certification) 568 - C。 4 of the coaxial ClassFA certification) frequency range mhz600mhz certification RJ45-1000 - Maximum OLTS range (M12 jumper wire) MM/SM) 12 km / 130 km5km / 10 km range of optical time domain reflectometer (largest MM/SM) 35 km / 130 km6km / 20 km * in the patent specification changes may occur
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