Doppler type optical fiber sensor in medical applications

by:FOT     2020-07-03

doppler type optical fiber sensor in the medical application of

doppler type optical fiber sensor in the medical application of medical type at present mainly optical fiber sensors. With its small, insulation, without rf and microwave interference, high accuracy and the advantages of biological affinity good consideration. Can be applied to the pressure, blood flow velocity measurement, the pH measurement in three aspects. In addition, it also can be applied to measuring the temperature and the medical image transmission.

1, the pressure measurement

the current clinical application of pressure sensor is mainly used to measure the blood pressure, intracranial pressure within the blood vessels, heart, bladder and urethral pressure, etc. Which is sensitive to the pressure of the part is in the end of the probe tube wall a waterproof film, on the one side with a cantilever micro mirror and film are linked together, across the reflector is a bundle of fiber, used to pass incident light to the mirror, at the same time will also send out reflected light.

when the film pressure, film occurring deformation and can drive the cantilever cause changes in the Angle of mirror, beams coming from the optical fiber to the mirror, and reflection to the end of the fiber. Due to the direction of the reflected light along with the change of mirror Angle change, so the fiber receives the reflected light intensity changes. This change via a fibre-optic link at the other end of the photoelectric detector into electrical signal, so that through the change of the voltage that is pressure probe in size.

2, blood flow velocity measurement

doppler fiber velocity sensor measuring subcutaneous tissue blood flow velocity, by using the reflection of the optical fiber end face, measuring system structure is simple. Light emitting frequency f laser through lens, fiber optic equipment be sent to the epidermis. For a fixed organization, such as the blood vessel walls, the reflection of light does not produce frequency shift;

for the cortex capillary flow velocity in the red blood cells, the reflected light to produce frequency shift, the frequency change for delta f; Occurrence frequency shift is proportional to the reflected light intensity and the concentration of red blood cells, the change of the frequency value is proportional to the rate of movement of the red blood cells. Emitting light after collection, through the optical fiber in optical detector on mixing, and then into the signal processing device, so as to get the red blood cell velocity and concentration.

3, pH measurement

used to determination of living tissue and blood values pH optical fiber spectrum sensor, its working principle is to use the emission of light and transmission light intensity distribution of the wavelength spectrum to measure. With a spectrum analyzer to measure the change, can get the pH in the blood or tissue.

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