Domestic optical fiber welding machine price and pictures

by:FOT     2020-11-07
in welding machine is one of the most widely used way in place of, its principle is to use the arc welding method, using arc discharge to produce high temperature above 2000 ℃, fused two optical fibers together as a single fiber, welding engineering must be configured a high-performance welding machine. welding machines made in China below small make up share prices and pictures. Domestic machine technology in recent years, more and more good, as long as it's not a long trunk, homebred can use. Welding machine adopts infrared light source and screen to observe the welding process, the magnification of the fiber is 200 - 300 times. A lot of domestic brand models used to change the focal length to respectively to observe the X, Y direction of , welding speed is very slow. Now commonly used welding machine is the fiber core direct method ( PAS) Aim to monitor, LCD display can display the X, Y direction at the same time the welding process, to the status of and the welding quality, fast welding speed. Communication technology co. , LTD. welding machine is the best cost performance, probably around 6000. The price is right, the machine work is no problem. According to the alignment in a different way, welding machine also can be divided into two categories: the package layer alignment and fiber core aim. Cladding on type mainly is suitable for the request is not high fiber door, etc, so the price is relatively low; Fiber core on the welding machine is equipped with precision six motor, special design of core mechanism of optical lens and software algorithm, and can accurately identify types of and automatically selects the matching of welding mode to ensure the welding quality, high technical content, so the price is relatively high.
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