Distributed optical fiber temperature sensor system is mainly used at present

by:FOT     2020-06-18
The distributed optical fiber temperature sensor system is mainly used < P > the distributed fiber optic equipment temperature sensor system is mainly used in a reservoir dam, mainly is the temperature monitoring, concrete dam monitoring, leakage detection and location, water leakage path the sinking process of positioning, measurement, deformation measurement, rock formations. B power, mainly is the temperature of the wire and cable measurement, early detection of fire, a survey of wire and cable. C geothermal power plants, the temperature inside the hole detection, the thermal response test, the surrounding area of the environmental monitoring facilities, hot liquid temperature measurement temperature measurement, high temperature, dry ground facilities. D tunnel, the shrinkage stress measurement, long-term measurement, cracks and damage monitoring, fire detection. E bridge, the installation process, deformation measurement, cracks and damage monitoring, load test measurement. F hot water pipeline crude oil pipeline, temperature monitoring, leakage of pipeline and leakage detection, positioning, building quality control. < / P >
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