Disassembly process of portable fiber optic spectrometer, different parts, respectively, have what effect

by:FOT     2020-07-07
Disassembly process of portable fiber optic spectrometer, what does different parts are portable fiber spectrometer is widely used in metallurgy, casting, machinery, metal processing, automobile manufacturing, nonferrous metal, aerospace, weapons, chemical and other areas of the production process control, finished product testing center laboratory, can be used for the Fe, Al, Cu, Ni, Co, Mg, Ti, zinc, Pb and other metals and their alloys sample analysis. Portable fiber optic spectrometer of flake, block and rod in solid samples nonmetallic elements ( C, P, S, B, etc. ) Accurate quantitative analysis as well as metal elements. Portable fiber optic spectrometer main characteristics: 1, the powerful batteries and the modular design is suitable for all kinds of complicated conditions of fault, poor exhaust testing should be portable fiber optic spectrometer argon gas exhaust pipe road congestion, a bend at the bottom of the chamber, foreign body in it there's a foreign body in argon gas filter entry point. Generally this kind of situation need to replace the exhaust pipe, and regularly to purge exhaust line. Portable fiber optic spectrometer can appear sometimes vacuum pump fault doesn't start automatically. At this time whether need to look at the pump oil temperature is lower, after power again, manually start the vacuum pump, sometimes need to pause, to try again. Vacuum value falls fast sometimes happen, we need to vacuum value curve is flat, otherwise, there is leakage, check the vacuum chamber vacuum sealing cover, replace the sealing ring or diagonal fastening screws. Spectrometric millivolt values were generally decline, the reason for the lens is dirty, more commonly, or pollution incident slit and fiber aging, this time we need to wipe the lens, clean up the slit, the change of fiber optic equipment. Portable fiber optic spectrometer P, S stability is not good, check whether the vacuum pump is turned off, to have been vacuum light path if the lens need to be cleaned, a bad maintenance light path can lead to wrong reproducibility and the results of the analysis. We need to check the vacuum pumps and clean the lens. Portable fiber optic spectrometer detailed operation: 1, teardown ( 1) Open the inspire portal, remove the protective plate. Then twist elastic solid electrode black knob, electrode pressure down or t take out carefully. ( 2) Unscrew inspire Taiwan two fixed screw, will inspire with light path interface part carefully unplug. ( 3) Remove the quartz glass and two o-rings, with alcohol and absorbent cotton or medical gauze will inspire, quartz glass, electrode base, o-rings, electrode clean in turn. If excitation in dirty badly, can use a vacuum cleaner to suck first, then wipe again. ( 4) Put back the quartz glass, o-rings,. Fixed excitation. ( 5) Electrodes with back, with electrode adjust electrode and inspire mesa distance gauge. ( 6) Tighten the fastening electrode black knob. 2, clean the lens ( 1) According to clean up the excitation chamber operation will inspire Taiwan, will stimulate the dampers in the side of the light path switching from the open position ( 打开) With the hand completely dial to the closed position ( 关闭) 。 ( 2) Will inspire Taiwan baffles inside the lens heating xian clip carefully removed (by hand 3) Be careful with the hand pull out light path part outwards. Don't bend fine copper tube attached to the light path of the road. ( Must be small) Heart, slow) 。 ( 4) Unscrew the lens two fixed at the bottom of the brass screw, loosen locking clip so that. ( 5) Clockwise will cut red knob screw a few buttons, can see the lens cap, and then the two openings of the lens base part and chuck brass screw alignment, about 1/8 turn circle, carefully remove the lens ( With base) Even when taking lens, at the same time be careful not to be very hot. With silk cloth dips in take alcohol to wipe, pay attention not to scratch with good thing touch lens. ( 6) After wipe the lens, lens is installed back first, pay attention to the lens on the base of two openings of brass screws, and the red knob counterclockwise to twist a few buttons, making it the screw head below lens base or keep in the same plane, otherwise the lens is not suitable. ( 7) Mount after the lens, the lens on the base of two openings with yellow screw stagger position, and screw down the yellow screw clamp, the position of the lens and previously removed the lens of the heating wire clamp is vertical. ( 8) Locked light path switching from Close to Open completely Open position, and then put light path part carefully. ( 9) In order to stimulate and spark room part installed. Don't forget to use gauge after adjusting the electrode distance, when the lens is clean, don't use finger to touch his surface.
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