Detailed instructions for LinkSprinter LSPRNTR

by:FOT     2020-11-23

LinkSprinter line meter is advancing with The Times, a small wire gauge, through WIFI connection to the smartphone, can through the smart phone browser to access line, which will display the results of the test, and can be stored in a remote server, convenient operation and compared with the old link LinkRuner/LinkrunnerPro predecessors, has more current Internet + time to breath. Pictured above is LinkSprinter300 line, get hand, and early NOKIA machine size is black and white, do manual work is delicate and exquisite, need not when can directly and do not take up too much space in my pocket. Don't let LinkSprinter compact size fool you, it contains many functions, and there are a number of custom configuration options, you can be set up to separate each tester, can also be used in the Link - Live in the cloud service JobPro set up and push to all device, so as to realize better Labour force automation. Use cases: LSPRNTR - 300, for example) Boot after the transmission function by line instrument own WIFI, our smart phones can easily connect to WIFI on line instrument, thus in the WEB browser enter the IP address of the wire gauge, The default is 172. 16. 9. 9) Can access the test home page menu. Every test can click on the screen to view the detailed results. LinkSprinter access to your mobile device ( LSPRNTR - only Or LSPRNTR - 300 200). 1) open WIFI transfer touch LinkSprinter power button, then touch it again. Blue WIFI icon will light up. The WIFI light blue (2) connect the WIFI navigation WIFI network list again, choose the SSID, SSDI 'Linksprinter' + MAC address after six. Smart phone network SSIDlinksprinter name (3) interface to open the browser, enter the IP address 172. 16. 9. 9 ( The default IP) Every test can click on the screen to view the detailed results. The following three buttons again, can open the master test interface respectively, set up the interface, the tool interface. Linkspritner main testing interface main testing interface, you can see the information includes: POE test voltage, the switch port rate, DHCP status, gateway and the latest information exchange. And cloud service tester. Linksprinter Settings interface, can set up the test 1 g, whether the instrument automatic shutdown, if cloud service test, IP is static IP or DHCP, web testing, and so on. Linksprinter tools Linkspriter tool interface can see flickering cable test and the function of the port, click the icon to the right of the tools below, you can open two practical tools: twinkle switch port and the cable length testing capabilities, flickering switch port is very practical function, can quickly find the cable line meter is connected in the corresponding specific ports on a switch, you can quickly find the Internet line and port number. Cable length test can detect specific length of cable connecting line instrument, it is very practical! It is worth mentioning that only LinkSprinter300 have this function. Flicker linksprinter length testing interface linksprinter switch port                                

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