Desen OLVK N3K - 41 grams of fiber amplifier TSSL characteristics

by:FOT     2020-06-18

di - Soric plastic fiber optic equipment amplifier

small size of the plastic shell

easy install


sensitivity adjustable

high operating frequency

bright tong/dark tong

prevent short circuit and reverse polarity

desen grams of fiber amplifier working parameters:

TECHNICAL INFORMATION ( typ。 ) +20° C, 24 v DC

amplifier Plastic fibre - Optic cables 2 x2, 2 mm

evaluation Numbers

emission light red light, 660 nm, already modulation

working voltage 12. 。 。 35 V DC

internal power & lt; 36 mA

adjust potentiometer sensitivity

switch output NPN, 200 mA, NO/NC, swappable

switch lag & lt; 15%

pressure drop & lt; 2. 0 V

working frequency 750 Hz

reaction time/release time 0, 1 ms / & lt; 2 ms

the environment temperature 0 & hellip; +60 ° C

temperature drift % 0, 3 / K

the ambient light immune 30 kLx

insulation voltage 500 V

protection class IP 65

the shell material polyester

connection Connector, M8, 3 - 连接的

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