Desen g di - Soric KLEMR - optical fiber amplifier Q55K - 1 - 46 type

by:FOT     2020-06-17

the desen g di - Soric fiber optic equipment can be used in limited space, harsh environmental conditions can't use the occasion of ordinary optical devices. According to the use of glass fiber optic cables sensitivity adjustment model in fiber optic equipment amplifier, the amplifier ( The basic unit) Can be installed in the actual testing point a few metres away. di- Soric fiber optic cable, a variety of models are diffuse and correlation in two forms.

the desen g di - Soric KLEMR - fiber optic equipment amplifier Q55K - 1 - 46 type technical parameters:

the operating principle of the correlation sensor size 55 x x 9 mm (23 Size) Square design length is 1000 mm, not the cut luminous diameter bend radius to the working distance 800 mm & gt; 60 mmFiberØ 0265毫米( 32x) Multiple core46, 5 mm resolution & Oslash; 1, 0 mm xx temperature - resistance 55. 。 。 + 70 ° C to & hellip; … 塑料光纤放大器材料塑料( Sensor probe) PE ( The package layer)
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