CZ - Keyence Keyence digital optical fiber sensors V1 type specification

by:FOT     2020-07-09

Keyence Keyence digital fiber optic sensor CZ - V1 type specifications:


CZ - Output type V1



red LED, green LED, blue LED,

reaction time

300 & mu; s / 1女士( The switch selection)

display indicator

output: red leds, calibration: orange LED, external synchronous input: green leds, matching rate/receiving light intensity: leds ( Red/green)

error display

deficiency of excessive light intensity, light intensity, color

calibration method

single point calibration / 2 ( The switch selection)

error value adjustment

digital display number value set on the

differences to identify the model

mode of C/C + l/I model ( The switch selection)

time delay function

OFF - Delay timer ( 40 ms) / timer OFF ( The switch selection) Output choose

match output: when the target color in memory. Does not match the output: when the record target color and color differences on ( The switch selection)

external synchronous input

reaction speed: zui 500 & mu; External calibration s


input response time, small zui 20 ms

record color choose

8 database selection ( By the external input or key operation) , no voltage input, the input response time, small zui 20 ms

control output

NPN: zui big 40 VDC zui ( 100 mA) 1, the residual voltage: zui. 0 V

protection circuit

inverse electrode protection ( The power supply) , over current protection, Output) , overvoltage ( Output) Rated capacity

power supply voltage

12 to 24 VDC & plusmn; 10%, pulsating ( P - P) : zui big 10%

consumption current

75 mA zui big

environment patience

ambient lighting

incandescent lamp: zui 5000 lux, sun: zui 10000 lux

the environment temperature

- 10 to + 55 & deg; C ( No freezing) * 1

relative humidity

35% to 85% RH ( No condensation) The vibration resistance

10 to 55 Hz, 1. 5 mm, double amplitude, X, Y, Z direction every 2 hours


500 m/s2 X, Y, Z direction, the three

the shell material

poly carbonate


115 g ( With 2 m cable)

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