CZ - Keyence Keyence digital optical fiber sensors H32 type

by:FOT     2020-06-18

Keyence Keyence CZ - digital fiber optic equipment sensors H32 type specifications:


CZ - Type H32

the adjustable light

detection range

50 to 95 mm ( Suggestion: 70 mm)

zui small light spot diameter

small: 3 mm diameter medium: 4. 5 mm diameter large: 5. 5 mm diameter x 1


red leds ( 665 nm) / green LED ( 520 nm) / blue LED ( 465 nm)

fiber zui small bending radius

25 mm

environment patience

ambient lighting

incandescent lamp: zui 10000 lux, sunlight: zui 20000 lux

the environment temperature

- 10 to + 55 & deg; C ( No freezing) The vibration resistance

10 to 55 Hz, 1. 5 mm double amplitude in the X, Y, and Z direction, each 2 hours

protection grade



casing: glass fiber reinforced resin, lens cover: poly aryl esters


about 40 g

* 1 reference range: small and medium-sized 60 mm 65 mm, and large 50 mm.

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