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by:FOT     2020-10-30

CPR, — A less ridiculous rules there is no doubt that there are many laws and regulations, the European Union — It is often those who support the British for the British took off the referendum. Still has a lot of jokes about ridiculous laws and regulations, such as some law prohibits people eating pet horse, some law prohibits the bottlers in drinking waters shown on the label to avoid dehydration. Fortunately, some of the more outrageous the eu laws and regulations have been abolished, such as the 1995 ban on the sale curvature is too large or ugly banana and cucumber. But there are still many influence cabling industry eu laws and regulations, Such as the RoHS, REACH and WEEE) Exist, and cabling manufacturers must begin from July 2017 to comply with CPR. Although some mischievous thought the abbreviation is a life-saving procedure, but meet the requirements of the CPR cable can also save lives. We deeply know the next. What is CPR? CPR all known as the European Union building products regulations. Designed to ensure that the building products fire response and fire resistance, as well as in normal use, hazardous substances released during the process of disassembly and recycling of reliable information. The regulation based on unified evaluation method of 'common technical language', and the language must be in manufacturers declare its cable performance, eu member states within the specified requirements, as well as the user ( The design and installation personnel) Used at the designated work products of the construction project. CPR and regulations applicable to any permanent into infrastructure construction products, including providing communication cable, and there is no specified for the temporary use of cable products. So in the industry, in addition to such as tieline and jumper wire of the fixed part, suitable for almost all cabling infrastructure installation. CPR is also exported to the eu market rules and regulations, all copper and fiber optic must conform to the requirements of the standard with CE mark. Each CPR products also need the manufacturers to provide product performance statement To determine the product and its intended use and European classification standard ( Euroclass) Features. What is the European classification standard ( Euroclass) 吗? In CPR, there are seven different European classification standard ( Euroclass) To replace the existing IEC 60332 flame retardant grade. Outlined in the EN50575 standard for power, control and communication cable fire prevention requirements, classification of European standards ( Euroclass) Including A, B1, B2, C, D, E and F seven grades, including A for flame retardancy is stronger, less F flame retardancy. All the members of the European Union decided to apply to its specific national building codes European standards ( Euroclass) — — Usually depends on the building type or space. For example, some countries require high-rise building should conform to the requirements of the Euroclass C, B1 and B2 level suitable for evacuation difficult escape routes or buildings. In general, most hospitals, schools and public buildings have standard than previously believed, Euroclass is equivalent to meet the IEC 6033 - E 1 - 2) required Higher demand ( Usually a Euroclass C or D) 。 Cable should be how to change? In terms of cable structure, in order to conform to the requirements of the specific European standard, need to move to the cable sheath and insulation material, the material and produce flame propagation, smoke, burning dripping and acidity. Now with many manufacturers need to distinguish between the CPR and the CPR cable, so there may be more obvious changes in the part number, cable printing illustrations, color and box. Customers for requirement of cable DoP certificate, some manufacturers attach qr code on the cable package, scan the qr code can DoP information link to the full. Other manufacturers may on its web site to provide search function, can according to the part number search DoP. The good news is that in terms of transmission performance, meet the requirements of the CPR cable cable no difference with the CPR - — CE marking to ensure the product meet certain fire prevention standards, rather than a quality or transmission performance standards. CPR, in other words, the CAT 6 a/Class EA cable performance is still the same as the CAT 6 a/Class EA cable, and the performance of the CPR OM4 multimode fiber optic cable is still like OM4 multimode fiber optic cable. This means that for TIA and performance parameters of the ISO/IEC compliance testing also need not change. So, although some people may think that the eu is a bit too 'regulation', but the fact is that all building products use the CPR to Europe European classification standard ( Euroclasse) To ensure that all the mutual understanding between European policymakers and stakeholders. At the time of the fire safety and property protection produced positive far-reaching influence - — To forbid people to eat pet horse this ridiculous rules cannot compare. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time                                

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