Configuration of fiber optic spectrometer

by:FOT     2020-06-28

basic configuration including fiber optic spectrometer includes a grating, a slot, and a detector. These parts of parameters when spectrometer of choose and buy must elaborate. Spectrometer performance depends on the combination of these parts and calibration, the calibration after the fiber spectrometer, in principle, these parts can't have any change. m· u· T has a wide range of spectrometer configuration choices, make its flow properties zui 'to meet customer requirements. If the configuration does not meet your requirements, we can according to your requirements tailored for you. Grating grating choice depends on the spectral range and resolution requirements. For the fiber optic spectrometer, usually in the 200 - nm - spectral range 2200 nm. Due to demand higher resolution can be hard to get broad spectrum scope; At the same time, the higher the resolution requirements, its luminous flux will be less. For low resolution and wider spectral range, 300 lines/mm grating is usually the choice. If the requirement is high spectral resolution, you can select 3600 lines/mm grating, or choose more pixels resolution of the detector.

a narrow slit slit can improve resolution, but luminous flux is small; Broad slit, on the other hand, can increase the sensitivity, but lose resolution. In the different application requirements, choose the right slit width in order to optimize the whole test results.

detector probe in some ways determines the sensitivity and resolution of the fiber optic equipment spectrometer, detector light sensitive area is limited in principle, it is divided into many small pixels for high resolution or divided into fewer but larger pixel for high sensitivity. Back light sensitive CCD detector sensitivity is usually better, to a certain extent, so it can get better resolution in the case of no sensitivity. Near infrared InGaAs detector due to high sensitivity and thermal noise itself, adopt the way of refrigeration can effectively improve the SNR of the system. m· u· T spectrometer depends on from the world advanced optical detector manufacturers, such as Sony, Hamamatsu, Thoshiba, etc.

filter because of the influence of the multistage diffraction spectrum itself, the filter can reduce the interference of multistage diffraction. Unlike conventional spectrometer, fiber optic equipment spectrometer is coated on detector, this part of the function in the factory need to install in place. At the same time, the coating also has the function of antireflective improve the SNR of the system.

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