Comprehensively summarizes the use of the fiber optic spectrometer tutorial

by:FOT     2020-06-22
Comprehensively summarizes the role of the use of the fiber optic spectrometer tutorial fiber optic spectrometer infrared spectrometer can be used to study the molecular structure and chemical bond, can also be used as a method of characterization and identification of chemical species. Infrared spectrum is highly characteristic, can use compared with the ir spectrum of standard compounds, appraisal method to do analysis. Using the characteristics of the chemical bond wave number to identify the types of compounds, and can be used for quantitative determination. Can be used for different kinds of polymer materials in the identification of research, etc. Fiber optic spectrometer method of use: the use of tutorial on step 1, open the spectrometer power supply, open the computer power supply 3, 2 in the file manager using the mouse to press UVWinLab icon, appears UVWinLab application window, the instrument is ready to, can choose appropriate methods for analysis of operation. Fiber optic spectrometer method of use: in analysis must set some necessary parameter of spectrophotometer, the combination of these parameters to form a & other; Method & throughout; 。 Lambda series UVWinLab software default four types of commonly used method. 1) Scan ( 扫描) To spectrum scan. 2) Time to drive ( 时间驱动) Within a certain time, to observe a certain wavelengths ordinate values change, such as enzyme kinetics. 3) Wavelength programming ( WP) To under multiple wavelength variation in y coordinate values of samples in a certain period of time, and can calculate the y coordinate value of the difference or ratio. 4) Concentration ( CONC) To establish a standard curve and concentration are measured. 2. Enter the required method 1, the method window, select the required file name. This is today on the comprehensive summary the use of fiber optic equipment spectrometer method can all share the tutorial, hope to use this equipment can help in the future.
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