Compound fiber optic spectrometer was used to replace uv - Visible spectrophotometer

by:FOT     2020-07-09
After enjoy fiber spectrometer was used to need to use the function of uv-vis spectrophotometer industrial offline and online customers and has low cost, high speed detection need to customers. This application to replace the part of the traditional application fields of uv-vis spectrophotometer. Uv-vis absorption spectroscopy is used widely, not only can be carried out quantitative analysis, also can use a qualitative analysis of the characteristics of absorption peak and simple structure analysis, determination of the equilibrium constant, such as the ratio of ligand complexes; Can also be used for the analysis of inorganic compounds and organic compounds, for major, trace and multicomponent can be determined. Lambert - Beer's law is the uv - Visible absorption spectrometry for quantitative analysis of the theoretical basis, its mathematical expression is: A = & epsilon; b c。 Ultraviolet absorption spectrum have many representations, graphics and varies with the said method. Have to logε Ordinate, the abscissa denotes the wavelength; Abscissa to wave number and frequency; Have with wavelength abscissa and ordinate of molar extinction coefficient respectively & epsilon; , absorbance and percentage of light transmittance. High-speed fiber-optic spectrometer from development trend, the international on the uv-vis spectrophotometer is high speed, micro, small and low stray light, low noise. After enjoy a large application field of fiber optic spectrometer is used to replace the current large part of ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer market segment. Although fiber optic spectrometer resolution than it, however, its high speed, portable, high cost-effective, easy to use a lot of advantage can meet the targeted application field, especially to the field of industrial testing and quality control need spectrophotometer. After enjoy FX2000 type products is a widely used in industry of fiber optic spectrometer with ultraviolet absorption measurement needs, use the spectrometer composed of ultraviolet-visible spectral spectrum measurement system is a kind of cost-effective, rapid, portable off-line and on-line monitoring & amp; Monitoring plan. However, there are some customers for this small spectrometer performance can meet the need to be skeptical, especially in the ultraviolet part; There are some customers for complex at domestic spectrometer can replace imported similar products suspicious. In order to be able to prove the application feasibility of products according to our national ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer relevant product standard test to verify the performance of the fiber optic spectrometer. Uv-vis spectrum test system after enjoy FX2000 fiber optic spectrometer in ultraviolet-visible absorption application field for more fluid monitoring online customers, such as pharmaceutical factory, water quality monitoring unit, etc. , reality, the client will use metal flow pool complete system structures ( The function of the graph diagram) 。 After enjoy the fiber spectrometer FX2000 another application is to help customers set up the core equipment of miniature ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer. Reference standard: & bull; The People's Republic of China national standard GB/T 26798 - 2011年》牛; The 2010 edition of the pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China department & bull; The People's Republic of China national metrological verification regulations 'JJG178 - 2007'
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