Common optical fiber sensor

by:FOT     2020-07-07

method of bliss - Biro, FP) , Prague grating ( FBG) And fluorescence fiber optic equipment sensors are currently popular, also more advanced sensor technology. Because they are based on fiber optic equipment, so there are a lot of common characteristics, such as resistance to electromagnetic interference can be applied in bad environment, Not to join the electromagnetic process) And long transmission distance, Fiber optic light attenuation in the slow) And long service life, compact structure, etc. , there is no longer here. We will focus on their differences. It should be said that they have high accuracy, precision can meet the demand of the majority. But if the in-depth to explore, theoretically, can achieve the precision of the fiber Bragg grating sensor for high. From the point of view of processing FP sensing precision mainly depends on the length of machining accuracy, and precision of the FBG mainly depends on the grating spacing and effective refractive index of the control. When the machining accuracy is guaranteed, FBG will rely on its own measurement mechanism of the excellent linearity to win. As can be seen from the sensing principle, FP cavity length change into & Delta; λ Are implemented through the phase change and interference, it is a nonlinear process, and directly by FBG formula & lambda; B = 2 neffΛ Implement effective refractive index and the grating period about & Delta; λ Transformation, linear, completely in theory will be able to provide better accuracy. In addition, the fiber Bragg grating reflection in frequency domain than FP interference wave packet even more acute, so the center line of the measurement is also should be more. Fluorescent type temperature measuring precision mainly depends on the fluorescent material excited fluorescence characteristics and to detect the fluorescent light intensity changes, the current level of technology, the accuracy of measurement and the former two technologies, its costs will be change according to the accuracy and measuring range. But in the actual product, measure precision materials under specific manufacturer of the product itself, the craft level of processing, signal demodulator resolution of objective factors, such as need for specific product specific comparison integration and networking in this regard, FBG undoubtedly has a clear advantage. The characteristics of fiber Bragg grating itself for each test point using a relatively small light weight, the vast majority of light through and continued to spread. According to the above introduction, on a single fiber can use 30 grating zui more at the same time, transmission distance more than 45 km. This characteristic for networking bring great convenience. At the same time the use of the WDM technology, but also improve the feasibility of this technology. In general FBG is very suitable for a wide range of multi-node distributed measurement. As for FP and fluorescent type, for small-scale network will be more easy to implement. The complexity of the complexity of FP and fluorescence system should be well below the FBG, including fluorescent type zui simple. As the principle part, before two kinds of sensor technology zui all boils down to the & Delta; λ Measurements, obviously, because of the FBG signal is weak, and accompanied by solution reuse requirements, FP is far more complex than. And fluorescent type belongs to the light intensity detection, relatively easier. Response frequency response frequency more depend on the design of network and filtering demodulation equipment response speed. FBG need a high-performance solution to mediate multiplexing receiver, processing power at the receiving end will often affect its frequency response. FP and fluorescence type because of its relatively simple, frequency response can be guaranteed. Light source according to the above discussion, the FBG is quite high to the requirement of the light source, high-power broadband light source or tunable light source. And FP and fluorescence type request is much lower, thanks to FP strong reflection signals, and fluorescent light sources and only have the effect of fluorescence. Flexibility and the applicable scope of the probe is quite compact and flexible, but the wavelength of FBG obviously subject to its complex translocation detection technology. In the environment of the higher temperature ( 300 ° C) The left and right sides, grating will likely be wiped. So the FBG is not suitable for large temperature range. Cost according to what has been discussed above, the single point ( Or a few points, such as less than 50 points) , FP and fluorescence system because of the complexity is low, the wavelength shift detection technology is simple, low light source requirement condition, there is no doubt that to an advantage. And fluorescent type zui cost advantage. For large, however, more than 50 node system, FP and fluorescence type because of the difficulty of the network will be the cost of rising rapidly. Above all, it is generally believed FBG sensor is suitable for large, complex, high precision requirement of distributed sensor network in low temperature. And FP and fluorescence type fast response frequency ( Up to 200 KHZ) , the probe is small in size ( Micron) , light source, long life and other advantages, is suitable for flexible, small, simple sensor system. Fluorescent type especially has the advantage of high temperature measurement and low cost.

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