Clip-on table use skills: F317 and F319 example demonstration

by:FOT     2020-11-22
Daily maintenance diagnosis of many maintenance technician will use current clamp for specific circuit current test, if you use the incorrect measurement, error will lead to test result. In order to avoid these mistakes, we in 317 current clamp, for example, to explain matters needing attention in operation. 1. Range of options: figure 1 range selection error, measurement results will result in inaccurate measurements or cannot display, as shown in figure 1: current clamp has two 40 a and 600 a range, before the measurement to estimate the current value to choose the appropriate range. If not sure, can be used to measure the range of 600 a, if the measurement is less than 40 a, need to adjust the range to ensure the accuracy of measurement results. 2. The choice of the AC/DC: figure 2 current clamp default is communication, automobile electrical appliances often use DC current, as shown in figure 2: press the AC/DC conversion button can be for AC/DC conversion. If using the wrong gear will not be able to properly display the measurement results. 3. ZERO function to ensure accurate measurement results, figure 3, the use of numerically ZERO before the use, as shown in figure 3: pliers mouth without wire press the ZERO key, the value to ZERO. 4. MIN/MAX function: the use of figure 4 for measuring the maximum, minimum or average, can use MIN/MAX data record function, as shown in figure 4: current records began to press the MIN/MAX key data. After the measurement according to the MIN/MAX key view the maximum of the measurement (in turn MAX) The minimum value ( 分钟) And the mean ( AVG) 。 5. Pliers pliers clamping direction confirmation using current need to pay attention to the direction of the current to be measured, as shown in figure 5: when escaping with current direction of the arrow, the measurements to ensure the direction of the arrow and the flow of electric current, Flow from anode to cathode) Consistent. If direction is inconsistent, it will make the measurement result is not correct. Figure 56. Please make sure that only one wire forceps mouth: if the conductor that is put in the dogan current in the same direction measurements will overlay; If more into the root of current direction different conductor, measured values will offset each other, so in order to guarantee the precision of measurement results, as shown in figure 6: please ensure that when the measuring clamp mouth only one wire, and in the centre of the jaw position. Figure 6 above us about 317 current clamp matters needing attention in the operation, but also recommend you read 317 current clamp to use manual, a better understanding of related functions, to improve the measurement accuracy, in order to achieve the goal of improved work efficiency. Later we will according to the common mistake found in field training articles and push in the micro class, please pay attention.
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