CIT fiber infrared thermometer technology parameters

by:FOT     2020-07-05

CIT fiber infrared thermometer technology parameter

technical features:

low fiber can bend, temperature measurement is not restricted by space. Without strong electromagnetic field interference completely.

low installation easy

high low temperature tolerance, fiber optic equipment part can be resistant to 200 degrees, 400 degrees high temperature fiber can

low smoke, water vapor and dust resistant ability strong

low power connection full protection, full isolation

low does not need to focus the

the machine strong sealing, and with the environment temperature compensation, suitable for the environmental conditions used in the industrial field.

type no.

CIT - 2 gx

CIT - Gx 1

CIT - high temperature fiber optic equipment 2 GXH

CIT - high temperature optical fiber 1 GXH

temperature measurement range

300 ~ 900 ℃ of 400 ~ 1200 ℃

600 ~ 1600 ℃ of 700 ~ 2000 ℃

300 ~ 900 ℃ of 400 ~ 1200 ℃

600 ~ 1600 ℃ of 700 ~ 2000 ℃

temperature measuring precision [ Repeat precision]

FS± 1% [ ± 2‰ ]

distance coefficient [ Zui small goal]

better than 60:1 [ 5毫米)

measuring distance

100 mm to 300 mm, zui preferred distance 140 mm

response time

50 ms ( Can be customized to 10 ms) Output signal of

4 ~ 20 ma ( Full isolation) RS485 ( Networking, full isolation) , high or low alarm relay output

power supply requirements

18 ~ 24 VDC


probe size: & Phi; 20X67. 5, the circuit box size: 175 & times; 80× 58

重 量


安 装


耐 温




电路盒环境温度0~60℃,湿度:0~80%( No condensation) ;

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