Choose what is the advantage of cable survey instrument?

by:FOT     2020-11-11
Cable survey instrument working principle of the light from a laser source, through the coupler into clockwise ( Red) And counterclockwise ( Blue) Two beams of light beam, finally after end reflection after coupler to reach the light detector. Because the laser energy is centralized, split into a pair of laser beam and let them can produce interference phenomenon in the long fiber. The interference phenomenon will be displayed as a string or along the fiber distribution of light or dark area, interference phenomenon has been detected by the photodetector. TK100 cable survey instrument applications. Computer room construction, the construction phase of the telecom room, easy to complete work on cable can use the device. Line transformation: in the reform of the circuit, the use of the device can be easily converted line area of cable and cable identified for the telecom room. Cable cut over: cable cut over, in order to ensure the normal operation of after cut over communication lines, can be used before the cut over the equipment to ensure the correct docking cut over the line. Resource census: because of the long-term or mismanagement, fiber optic cable signs appeared, fuzzy or mixed and disorderly, can use the device quickly and accurately identify the target fiber optic equipment/cable, especially the multiple cable on the same route. On-line monitoring: for online monitoring of communication lines, timely understanding and accurate processing fiber optical cable is broken, bent, extrusion, etc. On duty maintenance: convenient technical personnel's maintenance and cut over work, ready to deal with all kinds of emergency when on duty management, timely find out the solution. Cable survey instrument completely replace before cutting, bending, traditional methods such as frozen, greatly reduce cable repair maintenance time, lower the cost of the project construction and management, greatly improve work efficiency. The operation is simple, intuitive interface, only need to gently tap on a fiber optic cable, we can hear (from the equipment Audio) And see, The amplitude or ekg) Target cable. Powerful: UPC/PC/APC joint, single side, short length measurement, VFL function, long series, touch screen, 14 h work continuously. Handheld, small and light: 1. 5公斤。 The highest accuracy: from disorder and complex of accurate positioning targets in a pile of fiber/cable fiber/cable. No damage cable detection technology: non-toxic harmless, not damage the cable. The most economic and efficient method: minimum of effort, the shortest line recognition time.
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