Choose the fluke DSX - 5000 one of the five reasons

by:FOT     2020-07-14
福禄克网络DTX - 1800 CableAnalyzer appeared in 2004, has become the world's most popular home copper and fiber optic cabling authentication tools, with billions of certification link. Based on legendary Fluke the durability and reliability of Networks and build, you might want to always use this product. But this scheme is very costly. New DSX - Fluke Networks 5000 wiring at any stage of the authentication system can work in cable test cost savings, and faster to complete the system acceptance. 1. Faster set wait experts set up tester is too time-consuming. If throughout the work does not conform to the parameters, then set the error will spend a lot of time. Make Settings easily Versiv ProjX management system. Input work after the test details, your technician can choose the correct test, the function under the condition of the tester is constantly shifting work is practical. LinkWare Live cloud service allows you to set up the tester, even need not back to the office. In addition, fluke DSX - 5000 through a smartphone interface allows users to input data, many times faster than using DTX arrow keys. 2. Faster DTX repeated testing records. But the fluke DSX - Even faster: 5000 in Cat 6 a is twice the speed, the fiber loss test application is four times the speed. And this is just warming up. Fluke DSX - Can use DTX - 5000 1800 fiber does not have the function of the acceleration test. 聪明的循环? Function allows you to a on the two fiber optic equipment perform optical time domain reflectometer test, don't even have to move the tester to the other end of the two-way testing can be realized. By means of four core modules, you are doing combination multimode/single-mode work without having to find and switch to other modules. In addition, Versiv can automatically change in about a second time fiber optic equipment end face, DTX even cannot be achieved by artificial this operation. If the test in violation of the accident, LinkWare Live than DTX - will be issued a warning 1800 faster all the keyboard input data waiting for 'is the antonym of' fast, but if your DTX power has run out, must be plugged in, the longest wait for 15 minutes. The fluke DSX - 5000 need to insert the power supply, you can start testing. You no need looking for SD memory card, because Versiv internal can store up to 12000 search results, and support up to 64 gb memory stick. For link failure, DSX provides the second generation of diagnosis can find out more problems simple term, so that your team quick fix these problems. 3. Reduce errors rework the profit space will run out of work. Therefore, fluke DSX - 5000 specially designed to eliminate the error. Use DTX - 1800, you might tend to choose the wrong. If this, all tests need to start from scratch. But with the aid of fluke DSX - 5000 ProjX management system, your technical personnel need to select your test defined for a specific work. LinkWare Live lets you through any mobile device to track test status, detail to each test. It even can display accident test is on time. On fiber optic equipment DTX reference is a complex task, and if once wrong, all the subsequent measurement will be null and void, and your technical personnel may even don't know. But Versiv can guide the technicians to complete this critical process, storage, benchmark wires certification result and refused to come when error of 'negative' loss measurements. With so many ways of error prevention and warning you don't need to worry about the problem of 'rework' again. The most advanced diagnostic function can inform you about which link needs to be fixed on the intelligent equipment tracking job status. 4. Faster report fluke DSX - 5000 using LinkWare software the same as the DTX, therefore there will be no report on the learning curve. However, fluke DSX - Faster report 5000 May need some time to get used to it. You only need the results from the fluke DSX - 5000 posted LinkWare Live cloud service, which will automatically assigned to the correct test all tester on the right job, don't need to test instrument or memory card back to the office. Don't need to search for missing tests. Fluke DSX - 5000 also provides 48 times higher than DTX internal testing storage space, and in the external use USB wireless storage of equipment or services in the cloud. 5. Focus on the future investment in the fluke DSX - 5000 means that you are ready to start a new job. Fluke DSX - 5000 support TCL and unbalanced resistance measuring project in the future, and your DTX - 1800 do not have these features. Two-way authentication coaxial and standard or industrial Ethernet jumper. To test more than ten times long single mode fiber. And modular design can let you don't need to buy new tester can add new functionality.
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