Chinese Academy of Sciences photoelectric in fiber optic components coherent polarization synthesis technology research progress

by:FOT     2020-06-26

it is based on all polarization-maintaining fiber optic components, without considering the influence of the space error, the system has high stability, good reliability, easily combined with other optical devices, based on the phased array space coherent optical communication systems have great potential application value. Relevant results to Yang for * the writer published in a recent Applied respectively called and IEEE Photonics Technology Letters. Figure 1 coherent polarization synthetic principle diagram ( 一) Open loop ( b) The phase control loop ( c) The polarization control closed loop. PBC for fiber optic equipment polarization beam splitter, PC for fiber optic equipment phase compensator, DPC for polarization controller figure 2 3 road coherent polarization synthesis based on polarization control experimental results in order to alleviate the influence of atmospheric turbulence on the coherent optical communication, at present mainly adopts two kinds of technical means, respectively is & other; Large diameter telescope + puckering going adaptive optics technology & throughout; And & other Phased array technology & throughout; 。 Compared with * technology, phased array technology has a telescope advantages of small size, low cost and high reliability. Based on phased array in space coherent optical communication system, the receiving beam is receiving array into multiple beam. Therefore, how to carry multiple communication signals of synthesis is very important to a laser beam. In order to solve this problem, the group is proposed based on coherent polarization synthesis technology of fiber optic components. Two polarization beam perpendicular line available fiber optic equipment polarization beam splitter with polarized light is a beam of light, due to the change of the input beam phase difference, synthetic beams for arbitrary polarization ( Figure 1 a) 。 In order to control the synthesis of linear polarized light beam, to the next level synthesis are used for communication or signal demodulation, the group put forward respectively phase control ( Figure b) And the polarization control ( C) Two methods, and has carried on the theoretical analysis and experimental verification. Results show that the two methods can achieve coherent polarization synthesis, will be more linear polarized beam synthesis to a polarization-maintaining optical fiber, and polarized light output line. The work got the national natural science foundation of China, the Chinese Academy of Sciences innovation fund and & other The light of western & throughout; Such as project support.

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