China telecom fiber distribution box - 48 48 core optical fiber distribution box

by:FOT     2020-06-27

models: 12 core 24 core core 48 core 36 72 96 144 fiber core of fiber

material: manufacture

installation: outdoor, indoor, wall-mountable, derrick type, wall hung, embedded

supply: China telecom, China mobile, China unicom, radio and television

fiber distribution box is suitable for the cable and wiring connection of optical communication equipment, through the adapter wiring boxes, lead to optical signal light jump line, light distribution function. Suitable for fiber optic cable and wiring tail fiber protective connection, can also be applied to fiber termination point used in the access network.

fiber distribution box - Describe mechanical performance

connector plug durability life & gt; 1000 times. The radius of curvature control, guarantee in any position the curvature radius of the fiber is more than 30 mm. To make a clear identification for each fiber all the way, avoiding the remove could lead to chaos in the process of maintenance. Flame retardant: meet GB5169. 7 experiment A requirement. Electric performance

attenuation (connector Insert, swaps, repeated) ≤ 0. 3分贝; Return loss: APC & ge; Type 60 db, UPC & ge; 50 db, PC type & ge; 40分贝; High voltage protective earthing device: insulation resistance: & ge; 1000年mΩ / 500 v ( Dc) 。 Withstand voltage: & ge; 3000V( Dc) / 1 min, no breakdown, no arcing. Ground wire cross-sectional area: & gt; 6 was, is located in has obvious grounding mark.

fiber distribution box - Termination convenient advantage

all kinds of connectors, installation flexibility. Wait for a variety of specifications of withdrawable type and fixed type; Modular fiber distribution box termination is more convenient, more flexible to use; Support to the management of the various kinds of fiber optic connectors, such as SC, LC, ST, MT - RJ, etc. In the space of 1 u zui 48 core LC or MT - much to termination RJ( 24 pairs of LC or 24 MT - mouth RJ) fiber optic equipment connectors; Closed management; In front of the operation, easy installation and rapid; Height 1 u, with two sets of coiling ring; Sunken into the hidden or flush inlaying installation.

fiber distribution box - Application

the introduction of cable, fixed and stripping, the welding of the fiber and protect, tail fiber of the storage and management, storage, jump fiber fixed connection and cross connection function; At the same time can install according to the requirements of optical divider, wavelength division multiplexer and other value-added module unit.

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