Characteristics and principle of optical fiber spectrometer

by:FOT     2020-06-27
With ultra high performance, high performance fiber optic spectrometer can greatly improve the absorbance, reflectance and fluorescence and Raman detection of degrees. For some higher requirements of the test, it can accommodate 15000 spectra of buffer to ensure the integrity of the data in the high-speed data acquisition, and its advanced optical design with the thermoelectric refrigerator can greatly improve the thermal stability of detection for a long time. Therefore both high speed measuring or a wide range of concentrations, QE Pro can offer lab or your online application performance. The characteristics of the fiber optic spectrometer ( 1) fiber optic equipment spectrometer is the introduction of technology, make out of the object under test sample pool, sampling methods more flexible, using the probe steered away from spectroscopy instrument sample source to the spectrum instrument, to adapt to the complex shape and position of tested samples. Introduced by fiber optical signals isolated from internal and external environment, still can make the instrument can strengthen the bad environment, Humid climate, strong electric field disturbance, corrosive gas) Ability of resistance to ensure long-term reliable operation of the spectrometer, prolong service life. ( 2) Fiber optic spectrometer with charge-coupled device ( CCD) Arrays as detector, the spectral scan without moving grating, transient can be acquisition, fast response speed, Measuring time for 13 ~ 15 ms) And through the computer real-time output. ( 3) Fiber optic spectrometer using holographic grating as spectral components, low stray light, improving the accuracy of measurement. ( 4) Fiber optic spectrometer application of computer technology, greatly improved the spectrometer intelligent processing capacity. Fiber optic spectrometer compact structure, including the entrance slit, collimating lens, grating, imaging mirror, color filter array detector, and also includes the data acquisition system and data processing system. Optical signals by the entrance slit projection onto the collimating lens, will scatter light into a quasi parallel light reflection to the grating, the dispersion after the imaging mirror will spectrum on the array receiver receives, formation of spectral spectrum. Spectral spectrum is not only the sequence arrangement of monochromatic light ( One time spectrum) , lets the entire spectrum of A tiny band exposure to the corresponding detector as yuan, after the converts light signals into electrical signals, the analog to digital conversion, amplification, A/D after zui terminal display output is controlled by electrical system. To complete all kinds of spectral signal analysis.
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