CFP -100 -Q fiber OTDR test instrument technology parameters

by:FOT     2020-07-08

CFP - 100 - Q fiber OTDR test instrument technology parameters, fluke CFP - 100 - Q sales Chen

( 1) CFP - 100 - Device Q

this equipment is designed for the local area network (LAN) and metropolitan area network cable, can meet the demands of a fiber optic cable certification and testing instruments. It will insertion loss and cable length measurement, analysis of OTDR and cable connector termination surface cleanliness inspection integrated in one instrument, provide more cable certification and fault diagnosis. Included LinkWarePC software can manage all test data, document filing, generate test reports on them.

( 2) CFP - 100 - Main technical parameter Q

function * smartphone interface OTDR, Chinese interface, multi-point touch screen automatic testing, rapid zui setting and fiber tracking time to speed up verification certificate, the industry zui short events and attenuation dead zone support automatic port quality testing EventMapTM view simplifying the use of modular design, portable, lightweight LinkWare report management, statistics through project support test result and the user's custom custom configurations to improve resource utilization project folder DataCe sichuan erOTDRTM 'unique' model wavelength: 850 nm + / - 10nm,1300nm+35/- 15nm1310nm+/- 25 nm, 1550海里+ / - 30 nm can be testing cable type: 50/125 mu m62. 5/125 mu m event dead zone: 850 nm: 0. 5m( Typical) 1300nm:0. 7m( Typical) 1310/1550nm: 0。 6m( Typical) Attenuation of dead zone: 850 nm: 2. 5m( Typical) 1300nm:4. 5m( Typical) 1310nm:3. 6m( Typical) 1550nm:3. 7m( Typical) Zui range of big length: 850 nm: 9 km, 1300 nm: 35 km1310nm: 80 km, 1550 nm: 130 km test speed: automatic OTDR5 second sampling interval: reference 3 cm to 400 cm weight: 1. 28 kg size: ( 6. 67 cm x13. 33 cm x27. 94 cm) Battery: the lithium ion battery using time: 8 hours continuous automatic OTDR test

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