CertiFiber PRO (CFP2 -100 -,CFP2 -100 -,CFP2 -10

by:FOT     2020-11-14

CertiFiber PRO ( CFP2 - 100 - ,CFP2 - 100 - ,CFP2 - 100 - S) How do fiber test single core optical fiber? Specific steps are as follows: video CertiFiber PRO situation is commonly used in the data center, most basic is to test the double core fiber optic equipment, test single-mode fiber a lot of people may not know how to test, today following shenzhen even dispatch engineers to operate together. Using the remote light source model under two wavelength measurement of a single fiber loss. In this mode, you can use in optical fiber remote CertiFiber Pro remote light source or another source, such as Networks SimpliFiber Pro light source. Note: for the remote light source model, EF - TRC wire only can be used with CertiFiber Pro module, or with the approval of the Networks can use the light source used together with the conductor. If the light source has not been equipped with a suitable LED and internal fiber, EF - TRC conductor loop flux standard will not be able to make the starting conditions. If light is not approved, please use the standard scroll. The tooltip specific steps are as follows: (1) open the tester and the remote light source, wait at least 5 minutes. If its temperature is higher or lower than the environment temperature, or light manual specifies the longer time, extend the waiting time. (2) make sure that the main screen shows the correct homework set, and the test type is remote light source. In order to ensure the other set up correctly, can touch your test Settings panel, make sure that the change the screen to select the correct testing, and then touch your editor to see more Settings. (3) clean and check the tester, the remote light source and benchmark joint on the wire. (4) on the main screen touch set the benchmark. (5) in the test mode window, select automatic CertiFiber Pro or you going to use the types of light source and light touch. 6 in setting up benchmark touch screen operation guide. All landowners set benchmark, carried out in accordance with the screen shown in connection, then touch your next to see the complete connection. Today open the light source. On the distal CertiFiber Pro module, VFL port near the button 3 seconds, to open the multimode light source. The CFP - QUAD module, press the button again to open the single-mode light source. Note: the remote device in the CertiFiber Pro module has always been to wavelength mode automatically. Output port will transfer two wavelengths ( 850 nm and 1300 nm or 1310 nm and 1550 nm) 。 Signal contains logos, indicating the main test instrument when measuring the power under each wavelength. Pet-name ruby if you want to enter you need to add the connection to the benchmark of the fiber length of the wire to be tested, touch set benchmark TRC length on the screen. Your input does not change the length of the test results. Tester will save the wire length and the test results, in order to meet the TIA reporting requirements. Attending a light touch on set the benchmark. If the reference cannot accept, you can use FiberInspector probe check connector. According to the test button to start the probe head. Touch your return benchmark screen again. Automatic mode wavelength CertiFiber Pro module and SimpliFiber Pro light wavelength with automatic mode. In this mode, the output port will transfer two wavelengths ( 850 nm and 1300 nm or 1310 nm and 1550 nm) 。 Signal contains identifier, the indicating instrument when measuring the power under each wavelength. CertiFiber Pro modules in the remote device is always in wavelength mode automatically. If you want to choose the automatic CertiFiber SimpliFiber Pro Pro or automatic mode, can touch when tester window display mode test set. Every time set the benchmark, window will show the test mode.
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