CCD optical fiber spectrometer in the application of the online color measurement

by:FOT     2020-07-02
Color CCD optical fiber spectrometer in on-line measurement at present, the application of color measurement methods mainly include visual method, photoelectric integral method and spectrophotometry three kinds: 1. Visual method visual method is a kind of traditional method of color measurement. By the observer in the specific conditions of illumination to visual identification of product, compared with CIE standard colorimetric figure, color parameters are obtained. The human eye cannot accurately identify subtle color differences, the subjectivity of sex, often lapse in judgment, and low working efficiency, visual method has less and less in the industrial application of color measurement. 2. Photoelectric photoelectric integral method integral method is not measuring the wavelength of the color stimulus values, but in the whole measuring wavelength range, the color to be measured for one-off light energy integration, get tristimulus values, to calculate the parameters such as the chromaticity coordinates of the sample. Usually in the detector with the filter cover, to probe the relative spectral sensitivity correction as recommended by CIE spectral tristimulus values. Filter rutherford conditions to be fulfilled, to match the light detector. But in practical application, due to the variety of colored glass co. , LTD. , the instrument can't completely meet the requirements for the rutherford, and can only approximate. 3. Spectrophotometry spectral method of color measurement is according to the standards recommended by CIE for lighting and observation conditions, by measuring the color reflection ( Transmission) Spectrum, and calculate the color tristimulus values, all sorts of color parameters are obtained. Optical system structure is complex, the traditional spectrometer by rotating grating to scan the whole spectrum, measurement speed is slow, and will gather to samples dissolved by crushing, tabletting, grinding, after preprocessing techniques, such as in indoor measurement instrument of fixed sample analysis. By contrast, CCD optical fiber spectrometer has many advantages, such as light weight, small volume, low price, measurement speed is very fast, suitable for online real-time detection. With low loss fiber optic equipment, low noise and high sensitive CCD array detector, holographic grating and the introduction of new type optoelectronic devices such as small semiconductor, miniature spectrum instrument performance improved obviously, also has the following features: 1. The introduction of optical fiber technology, make the pool from the object under test sample, sampling methods have become more flexible, using the fiber optic equipment probe steered away from the source spectroscopy instrument samples to the spectrum instrument, to adapt to the complex shape and position of tested samples. Introduced by fiber optical signals isolated from internal and external environment, still can make the instrument can strengthen the bad environment, Humid climate, strong electric field disturbance, corrosive gas) Ability of resistance to ensure long-term reliable operation of the spectrometer, prolong the service life. 2. With charge-coupled device ( CCD) Arrays as detector, the spectral scan without moving grating, can be transient collection, and through the computer real-time output. 3. Using holographic grating as spectral components, low stray light, improving the accuracy of measurement. CCD optical fiber spectrometer system has the characteristics of modular, can choose according to the needs of application of different components ( Includes a variety of different types of sampling optical fiber probe, dispersion element, focusing optical system and the detector, etc. ) To establish the platform optics. Although the measuring accuracy of miniature fiber optic spectrometer grating - considered less than traditional mobile Photocell design offline photometer, but has reached the requirements of industrial field spectral analysis.
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