Cat 8 specification has been approved, then how to deal with?

by:FOT     2020-07-17
Cat 8 specification has been approved, then how to deal with? TIA Tr- 42. 7 copper wiring team commission recently approved the Cat 8 wiring specification ( TIA 568 C. 2 - 1) , this is the updated twisted-pair copper system, designed to support the current is under development in the future the IEEE 25 and 40 gbase gbase T T application. 8 topics around the CAT is now very much, you and your customers might want to know how this will affect transmission facilities deployment, and testing. We first take a little insight into the deployment environment, and affect the installation and testing of the key features. Applies only to data center Cat 8 wiring support up to 2 GHz, a distance of 30 meters, 2 connector channel, tend to data center application - — Is unlikely to be used in a LAN. Cat is 8 target market edge data center applications, copper connection between server and switches, which will host the emerging rate of 25 and 40 Gb/s. Although some high-speed direct SFP + and QSFP + cable can support such a high rate between switch and server, but these cable distance limitation, is limited in about 5 to 7 meters. Cat 8 due to support 30 meters transmission distance, is very suitable for the edge switches at the end of the column or intermediate position more flexible and manageable deployment. Because the Cat 8 Shared the same connector, and the ability to negotiate with existing business technology automatically, so with these technology have very strong interoperability. External crosstalk Cat wiring is shielded cabling system, which is using the connection and FTP cable shielding, four pairs of twisted pair is metal foil coated. Metal foil shielded to prevent noise from entering the noise exist in the cable or prevent cable is very important. As we know, the higher the frequency, the crosstalk between adjacent cables ( The external crosstalk) The more serious. So the Cat 6 a standard measuring the external crosstalk. Cat 8 frequency is four times the size of the Cat 6 a frequency of 500 MHz, of course will still require compliance - — The Cat 6 a standard requires all the parameters. Like the Cat 6 a shielded cable, on the Cat 8 system should be hard to see any external crosstalk. But also, like a Cat 6 a shielded cable is still required to test it. Why is that? First of all, the Cat 8 more strict external crosstalk requirements. Second, if the installation is not correct, shielding wiring may pass the external crosstalk test, such as shielding layer is not connected or the transmission side clamping. Shielding integrity is vital if you are not familiar with shielded cable deployment and testing, must be familiar with Cat 8 more. This means that the installer and the contractor needs to make sure the connecting cable - carefully Connector shielding layer, and the correct earthing and binding measures. In the data center, if the copper link from an existing earthing grounding cabinet panels connected to another have grounding in the cabinet panels, shielding layer of the open circuit still can pass the test of chart. This is because the shielding layer connectivity is dc measurement in history, dc signal will be sent to you by public buildings rather than through wiring link to the remote unit. So, it is difficult to diagnose screened cable fault open circuit. Fortunately, already have the technology to solve this problem. Only DSX - 5000 CableAnalyzer ™ provides shielding integrity testing capabilities, the use of proprietary communication measurement technology, prevent data center had been grounded cabinet disconnected shielding layer shows the connection is normal. You have been a step ahead in time since TIA Cat eight specifications, components and link limit has been completed, about the ANSI/TIA - 1152 - A field test standard of work can be more sure. Is the project leader as well as the standard, the standard rules on the field test method and the 2 g level precision. In addition, you have enough time to deal with the details about the Cat 8. There is no Cat 8 components delivery, also do not have any gbase - 25 T/40GBASE- T equipment available for use. At the same time, are working closely with leading wiring manufacturers, ensure that you can when you start the installation in the field of the scheme is simple and reliable test. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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