Can work independently working principle of fiber optic spectrometer

by:FOT     2020-07-06
All avaspec spectrometer based on USB2 platform can work in independent operation mode. Independent operation mode is specifically developed for process control applications, the spectrometer can output analog or digital signal, the signal can be directly input by programmable controller used in process control.

in order to make the independent operation function of the spectrometer to achieve the desired, is first important to define functions in spectrometer function, also is the need to measure in the process control parameters, then to connect the spectrometer and computer. These functions can be defined as the history channel functions ( More than 8) : users can in avaSoft - PROC process control software in the setting of their threshold, and then to get eight digital TTL output signal; At the same time also can get two voltage range from 0 - 5 v eight analog signal output, these signals can be used for process control. When in the spectrometer and computer connected to successfully execute after the operation, you can put these functions needed to import hardware USB2 spectrometer. Since most functions are defined by the user, so please my company technical personnel to gain.

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