CableIQ use guide

by:FOT     2020-11-21

Two weeks before we introduced the line of instrument and test instrument, today we are going to speak tester class is higher, it can store the test report and the export, it is - — Cable identification instrument, 100. Appearance design is a classical key distribution and the knob type operation. DTX - ever since 1800 is also used for the design, until the DSX - The emergence of 5000, broke the deadlock button.  Network cable tester contains MS2-100 100 all of the features, it can also make a line of technical personnel to recognize and eliminate your network infrastructure in all sorts of problems. Such as: port activation? Duplex Settings match? Is a network problem or Ethernet cable? Ethernet cable can support the required network bandwidth? Even the novice can also see the existing network wiring can support what speed, and can quickly separate cabling and network problem. Now is the key oh ( On the blackboard) , after the will of the exam. The automatic test of twisted-pair cabling start tester. The rotary switch to this ( Automatic test) 。 (2) to change the operation of the test project, press Enter or F1 key adapter, or (3) the tester and line sequence ID locator are connected to the wiring system. (4) according to the TEST. Line sequence detected adapter or ID locator, automatic testing continues. 5.  Save the test report. DISCOVER detection mode this mode can quickly check line sequence, length of test and determination of wiring is connected to the Internet or video equipment. RESULTS the RESULTS of gear this gear can check save the test report. Studied MS2 - TONE audio sound machine last week 100 audio line mode classmates certainly won't be a stranger, I simple column about how to operate it. User Settings to change the language commonly used and the length of the unit: rotary switch to SETUP ( Settings) 。 Press' Button down 】 Select the Language/m? ( Language/m - Feet) ; Then press the Eneter or F1 key. Use the up or down to select a set items; Then press enter or F1. Set a time and date: reset to Factory Settings: Factory Settings ( Factory Settings) Function will be reset to factory Settings, the following NVP Settings. Choose for automatic testing of test project. Order line for the automatic test selection for choice.                                

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