【 Cable testing 101 question-and-answer series 】 — — Weld welding or not

by:FOT     2020-07-14
【 Cable testing 101 question-and-answer series 】 — — fusion welding or not welding is a method of connecting the two optical fibers, two optical fibers are precisely cut, and then on, and use the welding machine for welding. welding by arc, arc will be basic welded together. Multiplexed welding machine can be a welding 12 core , suitable for 12 core flat cable. Weld whether you are a novice, or just want to know why choose preliminary termination when welding or other fiber optic cabling field termination methods, we suggest that you better understand the need to the application of welding and scene as well as the key factor. When and where? Welding with low loss and small reflectivity, is thought to be connected to the firmer and more reliable method. As long as correct, contact the loss may be lower than 0. 1 db。 connector, by contrast, often produce 0. 2 db or more wear and tear. Due to the insertion loss is the main performance parameters of the required certification fiber optic link, and 40 g and 100 g high-speed application with a loss of more stringent requirements, so welding way has become more and more popular. Welding is usually used to repair the broken fiber link, is considered to be at the entrance of buildings will be 250 mu m outdoor fiber optic connections to 900 microns indoor is better method. Welding can also be used to create link in the data center or LAN. Available in the stern fiber or type connector at the entrance to the building or optical distribution frame welding. In stern fiber polishing connectors, with a small piece of ( Usually 5 meters or less) fiber optic equipment core, but with access to the welding. Then using casing protection fuse contact, the casing is a transparent pipe, usually external package with heat shrinkable tube and a certain type of stiffening member. Heat shrinkable tube fuse contact with loose fiber in welding case. Connection type connector is not melt from the tail fiber core, but contain ring and polishing, connector cases with very short fiber core. Once the access of , stripped, cutting and welding to the fiber core, around the main casing connector assembly. Compared with the tail fiber, fast welding connector is one of the main advantages of don't need to contact case and weld box to store of molten contact. For multi-fiber MPO connector applications, most of the deployment scheme adopts after termination and test of termination MPO cable. Although the early termination of the MPO loss as low as zero. 2 db, and plug and play, can achieve rapid deployment, but because of its according to the production orders, so we need longer delivery time. Preliminary termination cable material cost also tend to be higher, and the need to carefully predetermined length of link - — Otherwise, the short cable can cause significant delays, and the long cable need to be stored and ensure the state of relaxation. Although duplex connectors ( Such as LC, ST or SC connectors) By mechanical method or traditional epoxy resin polishing pressure field termination, but for MPO, the termination of the only option is to use in place of MPO tail fiber or in place of MPO connector for welding. Therefore, when the length of the link cannot be predetermined, or can't accept a longer delivery time, the method may be a better choice. Matters needing attention while some applications and case welding is more suitable choice, but also need to consider the following factors. First, welding need welding machine - — And not cheap. If you have or can use the welding machine, then you will be one step ahead. However, if you want to buy welding machine, you need to determine the need for sufficient number of welding, to ensure the return on investment. If you don't have a plan for a large number of welding, can also choose to rent the welding machine. Another consideration is the cost of cutting knife. Contact melting performance depends largely on cutting quality, therefore it is recommended to use high precision cutting knife. Which isn't cheap, but if you are in any type of fiber optic field termination, mechanical or epoxy resin polishing pressure, for example, you may already have a high precision cutting knife. With quick and easy to deploy, termination solution compared to weld really need more time, but because of without waiting for the delivery and the predetermined length, so the comprehensive comparison, this way will be quicker. Welding also need good and reliable work space. When used in place of stern fiber, need careful management and properly to ensure that the molten contact in weld box stay relaxed state, in order to prevent over the bending radius of the fiber. Melt contact failure diagnosis and exclusion only OTDR can direct melting contact position. But if the weld contacts very good quality and low loss, you may need to adjust the OTDR loss threshold low enough to can see this kind of subtle. From two directions to diagnose and exclude melting contact failure to obtain the actual loss is also very important, because does not match the fuse contact may lead to a direction of negative loss, while in the other direction too much loss. This is why in 2 levels of tests need to be a two-way test. Fortunately, the OptiFiber ® Pro built-in SmartLoop ( Intelligent loop) Assistant, can easily implement bidirectional test, user loss threshold can be defined as 0. 01 to 1. 50分贝。 If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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