【 Cable testing 101 question-and-answer series 】 — — A variety of types of multimode fiber mixed use

by:FOT     2020-07-10
【 Cable testing 101 question-and-answer series 】 — — Many types of multimode fiber optic equipment mixing in the last 'cable testing 101 q' series, we introduced the OM3 and OM4 (including 50 m different between multimode fiber - — OM4 fiber is the main difference between the fiber core structure can provide better attenuation index and higher bandwidth, thus support the longer link. Due to OM4 OM3 cost is high, so many unnecessary OM4 support long-distance data center and LAN continue to deploy, with OM3 much fiber-optic mode so the scope of its deployment is broader. Due to the two kinds of optical fiber core the same size, can be used mixed, so caused some matters needing attention about mixed multimode optical fiber type. Ensure cost within budget for transmission facilities, know to use what kind of optical fiber is very important, and suggests that within a certain channel all use a type of optical fiber, to avoid the performance implications. Because the OM4 has low attenuation and the pattern of higher bandwidth, support for up to 150 meters of 40 Gb and 100 Gb transfer, while the OM3 fiber support only 100 meters distance longer such applications. If you diagnose the length more than 100 meters, customer self-proclaimed OM4 fiber channel, please check the cable marking in the first place. Due to the actual deployment is OM3 optical fiber, so may not be able to pass the test of insertion loss. According to the different length, used on OM4 link OM3 fiber may also affect loss -- — Especially the link began to close to the budget on time. However, another notable case is OM3 or OM4 components with legacy OM1 62. 5/125 fiber mixing, the latter of the fiber core size for 62. 5µm。 The fiber core optical fiber mixing of different size like connection pipes of different size - — When the water flow from the coarser pipe is thin pipe, is bound to loss of some of the water. Optical signals in the same way. OM1 with OM3 or OM4 fiber mixed use, when from 62. (including 5 to 50 m fiber core (including m optical fiber core transmission signal, there must be a loss. Pay close attention to the color but OM1 fiber color is orange, and OM3 and OM4 fiber is usually light green, both very good. OM3 but light green and light green OM4 fiber is not easy to distinguish, unless it is easy to see the logo on the cable. In most parts of Europe, OM4 adopts Erika violet, and began to use this method in North America. So, if you see 'beautiful pink' line, just know is OM4 fiber. TRC indicators? If you are testing is OM4 fiber facilities, don't have to worry about with the Fluke Networks CertiFiber ® Pro test reference line ( TRC) Is the OM3 optical fiber. The TRC using optical fiber core is strict to the ( The concentric) , to ensure that conform to the requirements of the flux ring, can be used to test any (including 50 m multimode optical fiber, because we measure is the light of the link loss rather than mode of bandwidth. But if you test is OM1 62 legacy. 5 (including m OM1 fiber, you will need to ensure consistency of the TRC fiber core. No problem - — Fluke Networks with 62. 5 (including m TRC optional accessories. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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