【 Cable testing 101 q series 】 — — What is the APC connectors and how to test it?

by:FOT     2020-07-13
【 Cable testing 101 q series 】 — — What is the APC connectors and how to test it? You encountered in the work more of a single-mode connector is likely to be subject to blue, but if you're dealing with passive optical networks ( 在其) , operator network or large cloud/colo or very large scale data centers, could meet the connector main body for the green of the single-mode connector - — The green connector has become more and more popular. Blue single-mode connector USES the UPC ( Hypersphere) Optical fiber end face, and green singlemode connectors by APC ( Oblique sphere) fiber optic equipment end face. Needless to say, understanding these differences is very important - — Especially when it comes to the test. Angle to achieve performance for UPC connectors, end face to the surface of the approximate circle. On the contrary, the APC connector end face sloped 8 degrees. Reflective light absorbing layer wrapped up the tiny Angle, which reduces the fiber core of back reflection, and provide excellent return loss performance. Although for link, usually we are concerned about the insertion loss, but some are more susceptible to return loss. Long-distance link, for example, used in high power laser is sensitive to reflection, serious reflection may even damage to it. In the higher wavelength ( Usually in the form of 1500 nm and above) Work under the application of are more easily affected by reflection, including the use of multiple wavelengths to send a signal wavelength division multiplexing ( WDM) Applications, as well as using RF signal send video application on higher wavelength, including PON/GPON deployment. These applications explains why we see in the service provider network and FTTX applications deployed in APC connection. As more and more enterprise customers for its local area network deployment PON, increased use of fiber optic cable companies to provide broadband service, more connected to the data center operators network and deploy a longer single-mode link and WDM applications, we are starting to see the APC connectors used more and more widely, the environment is becoming more and more widely used. Please note that the UPC and APC connectors can't butt. Not fiber core not aligned, resulting in serious decline in performance, and if you try to both docking, may cause damage to face - — Key (including And expensive) The use of the end face of fiber optic transmitters. All angles using APC connection testing single mode system, you need to know some things. For grade 1 to test the insertion loss, CertiFiber ® Pro ( Click below to read the full article, automatically redirecting CertiFiber ® Pro related page) Only input ports support APC connectors - — Output port using UPC connectors. Although not damage, but you will receive a tester issue a warning about the received power too low. Input port USES non-contact docking, so you can accept any type of connector. Therefore, test the APC system, you need two UPC - APC hybrid cable and two - APC The APC cable to connect. If you are using a FI - 700 FiberInspector Pro或FI- 500 FiberInspector Micro APC connector, you may need to use the APC probe end ( Buy alone) 。 If you try to use UPC probe end check APC end face, cannot focus on the fiber core and end face. , on the other hand, the APC probe end geometry can adapt to APC 8 degrees Angle, so you can correct face. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact us at any time
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